Causes and Solutions of Toothache

Causes and Solutions of Toothache

Toothache is a very annoying and unpleasant condition that almost everyone encounters at least once in their life. However, toothache is a disease that has a solution and develops due to various reasons. So what causes toothache? What conditions trigger toothache and how to resolve toothache?

Toothache Broadly Develops Three Ways

1. Toothache During or After Meal
During the meal or in the first half hour after the meal, a sharp toothache occurs when food residue enters the carious cavity on the tooth and the acid produced by these foods affects the tooth nerve. The pain of the tooth, which is cleaned from food residues with the help of a toothbrush or dental floss, passes for a short time. In order to avoid this type of toothache again, a dentist should be consulted and the necessary dental treatment should be done.

2. Relentless Toothache
This type of toothache, which generally occurs at night, is long-lasting. Death of the dental nerve and infection of the tooth due to progressive tooth decay cause swelling around the tooth or on the face. In such a situation, it is very difficult to relieve toothache. In order to relieve toothache, it is necessary to clean the food residues on the tooth surface first. When faced with a persistent toothache, first of all, a painkiller recommended by the dentist or an antibiotic to control the infection in the tooth should be taken. However, the dentist should be consulted to intervene in the infected tooth.

3. Injuries
Injuries to the face, jawbone and teeth occur as a result of physical trauma. As a result of trauma to the jawbone or teeth, fractures and cracks occur and even the tooth may come out. In such cases of injury, the patient should be brought to the dentist as soon as possible. If there is a broken tooth piece, this broken tooth piece should be kept and the nearest dentist should be consulted. Injury to the tooth is frequently seen in children, traffic accidents and athletes. Athletes use a number of appliances to protect themselves from dental injuries. One of the important situations that can be encountered as a result of trauma is the eruption of the tooth from the bone socket. If the tooth has come out of its socket, the way and duration of the delivery of the tooth to the dentist is very important. The tooth should be held by the crown part, not the root part, in order not to damage the tissues and to re-settle easily in the tooth’s socket. The tooth, which is held from the crown part, should be washed with water without rubbing in order to get rid of foreign materials. Toothbrush should not be used in this process. The cleaned tooth should be stored in physiological saline, milk or the patient’s cheek and delivered to the dentist within thirty minutes.

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