Children Afraid of the Dentist

Children Afraid of the Dentist

What kind of path do you follow for children who are afraid of the dentist?

Even getting used to the dentist and treatment chair for a child who is afraid of the dentist is considered an important step at the first stage. For this reason, in the first session, the treatment can be postponed to the next session by introducing the tools and the procedures to be done in a way that will not frighten the child and attract the child’s attention. In this way, in the second session, the child can come more fearless and more conscious about the treatment. After gaining the child’s trust, treatment becomes easier.

Can fear of the dentist be overcome?

Of course it is edible. The approach of the parents and the pedodontist is important in eliminating the fear.

Do you use special methods and materials for children?

The materials we use for children show some differences in size and content from the materials used for adults. In addition, some of the treatment methods we use in pedodontic treatment are different from the treatments applied to adult individuals.

How do you persuade children who do not sit in the dental chair?

We cannot say that we apply the same method for every child. The child’s reactions, communication characteristics, age, dentist experiences are decisive in the persuasion stage. Giving the mouth mirror to the child’s own hand and having it examined in the lap of the parent are the methods that can be tried at the first stage.

Are there children who are very afraid but then overcome their fear?

Children, whom we have difficulty even getting into the room, become very adaptable after a while and can get their treatment done. Of course, it is impossible to say the same thing for every child, but we can come across such examples. For this reason, it may be beneficial to make some attempts and familiarize the child in order to harmonize the child and gain his trust.


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