Dental Treatment in Sleep Comfort with General Anesthesia

Dental Treatment in Sleep Comfort with General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is putting the patients to sleep for any painful surgical procedure and waking them up at the end of the procedure. General anesthesia, which eliminates the sensation of pain and pain and resembles a deep sleep, facilitates the intervention by the physician, as it provides temporary loss of consciousness and causes relaxation in the muscles.

Anesthesia literally means “numbness, insensibility”. The method applied so that the patient does not feel pain, temporarily destroys the sensation in the whole body. Therefore, the operations are painless and unforgettable for the patient.

All treatment procedures can be completed in a single session.

Hospitadent Dental Group Mecidiyeköy Branch Chief Physician Yiğit Emrah Kurt stated that the general anesthesia method, which is mostly applied to people with fear of dentists, children and the disabled, has been successfully applied in all areas of dentistry, from tooth extraction to advanced surgical procedures, and said that all treatment procedures can be performed in a single session with this method.

Gum diseases do not only affect the daily life of children; Dentist Yiğit Emrah Kurt, who warns that it also affects his general health, sleep pattern and psychology, said, “This alternative for children is advantageous both psychologically and in terms of preventing the problems in the teeth from progressing. During the treatment process, patients do not feel any pain or feeling.

Treatment without fear and anxiety

In addition, he mentioned that this method, which can be applied in terms of general comfort as well as medical necessity, is an application that reduces stress and that the treatment is done away from fear and anxiety, and that the patients regain their health very easily and in a short time after the application.