Guest teeth / What does Snap On Smile mean?

Guest teeth / What does Snap On Smile mean?

The guest tooth is actually a name we came up with to make it easier for our patients to understand this treatment method.

To whom can the guest teeth / Snap On Smile be applied?

With these methods, our patients of all age groups, from our young patients who have completed the mixed dentition period in the mouth and who have completed their development, to our elderly patients, can have teeth done with this method

What are the usage areas of guest teeth, is it applied to the implanted tooth?

It is a very easy alternative treatment method to use.

If the teeth of our patients need to be done urgently, there is no time to spare for long treatments,

If he is afraid of having his teeth cut or his general health does not allow him to have his teeth done,

In fact, if they will delay very costly treatments such as zirconium implants, they can temporarily or alternatively have these teeth made.How long does it take to make a guest tooth / Snap On Smile application?

Only when they first arrive, a measurement is taken and these measurements are sent to America, this patented product reaches us after 2 weeks. Fitting and adjustments to the patient are made on the same day and delivered to our patient.

Are visiting teeth harmful to the gums?

This product, which has no harm to the gums and is very easy to use, can be inserted and removed whenever desired.

Visiting teeth / Is Snap On Smile an expensive procedure?

I think it is an affordable procedure for our patients who cannot have full dental treatment.

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Chief Physician Dt. OGUZ KARA