İmplant Tedavisi Ne Kadar Sürer ?

İmplant Tedavisi Ne Kadar Sürer ?

How long does the implant treatment ?

Implant treatment is an effective type of oral and dental health treatment applied in cases such as tooth loss, caries, cracks or fractures in the teeth. Implant treatment methods, which have been applied for a long time, have developed over time and have become easier to apply, more comfortable and less uncomfortable for the patient.

Implant treatment may differ in terms of duration and treatment methods, depending on the general oral and dental health status of the patient or the points he wants to fix in his teeth. The type of implant treatment for patients who will undergo implant dental treatment may also vary according to the region of the patient to be treated.

How Is Implant Tooth Made?

The question of how to make an implant tooth is one of the most frequently asked questions by people who are thought to need this treatment method or who turn to implant treatment for aesthetic reasons. To give a simple answer to this question, this treatment is applied to patients who have lost their teeth due to different reasons such as caries, fractures or cracks, by placing certain pieces in their jaw or upper bones.

Dental implants, which will be applied to the patient during implant treatment, are different models and types, but generally consist of parts placed in the patient’s tooth socket. In this treatment method, the patient’s jawbone is carved and a small screw-like piece is inserted into it. Afterwards, the dental implant model, which is deemed necessary, is attached to this part, which is placed on the patient’s jawbone. After the operation, the implant is left to stand for a while, while the parts fuse with the bone. This is an extremely important process for the patient’s treatment process and the recovery process that he or she will experience afterwards. Therefore, it is critical for the person who will apply implant treatment to be an experienced and knowledgeable dentist.

After How Many Days Are Implant Stitches Taken?

Another question that is most frequently asked about implant treatment will be the question of how many days after the implant sutures are removed. Although it is not possible to give a definite answer to the question of how many days the implant stitches are removed, this period may vary according to the size of the operation that the patient has undergone. The average suture removal time for implant treatment, which is a highly effective and robust treatment, can vary between one week and two weeks. This period may be longer in patients who have had relatively larger operations.

Implant treatment recovery time varies from patient to patient. In the past, the prostheses applied during this treatment could cause very long healing processes, which could disturb the patients who were treated. However, developments in the field of oral and dental health, especially in recent years, and new technologies introduced in this field have significantly shortened the healing processes required for implant treatments.