Things to Know About Fluor Application in Children

Things to Know About Fluor Application in Children

What does fluor application mean?

Fluor application is the chemical application of fluoride to the tooth, which, when it enters the crystal structure of the tooth enamel, makes the enamel harden and gains a more resistant structure against the factors that cause caries.

At what ages is fluor application done?

Fluor administration can be done at any age, but the child should have reached the competence not to swallow his saliva for a while (approximately half an hour) after the procedure.

What are the situations where fluor application is necessary?

Although fluor application is useful in terms of strengthening the tooth enamel, it is more important to apply when the tooth enamel, which we call decalcification, begins to wear.

How to understand the need of fluor application?

Fluor application can be applied to any tooth of any age, as we mentioned before. The effect of strengthening the tooth enamel is always a desired effect.

Which physician should be consulted for fluor application?

It is best to consult a pediatric dentist for fluor application.

What is the process of fluor application?

Fluor application is the application of fluoride gels specially prepared for this process on the cleaned and dried enamel surface.

Is fluor application an expensive process?

Fluor applications are inexpensive processes, especially considering what is done.

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