Things to Know About Gum Shaping

Things to Know About Gum Shaping

What does gum shaping mean?

It is a surgical procedure to bring the gums to the desired shape.

In which cases is gum shaping done?

Gum shaping can be done to provide an aesthetic smile, which we call pink aesthetic, in patients whose gums are seen when smiling. In addition, the inconsistency in the lengths of adjacent teeth can also be corrected with this procedure. If the patient has an existing prosthesis and is not satisfied with the shape and length of his teeth, gingival shaping should be done before a new prosthesis is made.

How to understand the need for gum shaping?

The excessive appearance of the gums when smiling and the inconsistency of the lengths of the adjacent teeth usually lead to this need.

Is gum shaping procedure applied to patients with gum disease?

The tissue with gingival disease is edematous, that is, swollen, so we cannot predict the result of gingival shaping. Surgery should always be performed on healthy tissue. In other words, gum disease should be treated first and then shaping should be done.

Is laser used in gum shaping process?


The laser can be used for this process. However, it does not add significant advantages to classical methods.

Is gum shaping a difficult operation?

Gum shaping is done with local anesthesia and is not a very difficult operation for the patient.

How long does the gum shaping process take?

This process varies between 10 and 40 minutes, depending on the number of teeth to be made.

Is gum shaping an expensive treatment?

This procedure is lower than the filling fee per tooth. Considering the aesthetic result to be obtained, it is a treatment that makes the patient happy.


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