Things to Know About Laminate Coating

Things to Know About Laminate Coating

What is Laminate Coating?

Laminate veneer is a type of restoration (renewal) made only on the front surface of the tooth without damaging the whole. In some cases, it is a restoration that can only be made by sticking without shaving from the tooth.

Can Laminate Coating be applied to everyone?

In order to make laminate coating, the following conditions must be met:

Appropriate closure of the patient

No teeth grinding habit

The posterior surfaces of the teeth are not weakened by acid erosion.

In which cases is Laminate Coating applied?

Laminate restoration can be easily applied to anyone who is not satisfied with the appearance of the teeth, except for the conditions mentioned above.

What is the difference between laminate veneer and porcelain veneer?

In porcelain veneer, it is necessary to remove 1.5 to 2 mm of material from all surfaces of the tooth.

However, laminate restorations can be made by sacrificing very little surface of the tooth and shaving in laminate coatings.

Is Laminate Coating long-lasting? How long can it be used?

Laminate veneers are a long-lasting treatment approach that is no different from any restoration if done properly.

What are the advantages of Laminate Coating?

It causes minimal damage to the tooth.

The coating material can be made of the most aesthetic material (with light transmittance), and the desired aesthetic result can be achieved in a short time.

Are there any known disadvantages of Laminate Coating?

If laminate coatings are not done properly, the restoration can be displaced or even broken.

Can Laminate Veneer be applied if there is crowding in the teeth?

Laminate veneer is also a suitable treatment for crooked teeth. It is also easily applied to our patients with crooked teeth.

How much time is needed for Laminate Coating?

1 week and 10 days are needed for the treatment of laminate coatings.

Is Laminate Coating a very expensive process?

Compared to porcelain veneers, we can say that it is a slightly more expensive process since the construction process and bonding process are more detailed.


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