Dear Young Dentist,

You have now graduated. You are a physician. We congratulate you wholeheartedly and wish you success and happiness in your life.

As Hospitadent, the leader of the dental industry in Turkey, we offer our new graduates a good opportunity with a brand new project that is pioneering in the industry: Hospitadent DT (Dental Trainee) Program.

With this program, we offer you, our talented and hardworking young people, various opportunities:

Opportunity to be included in our brand without seeking work experience, to both work and develop
A 50-lesson training program given by experts in the field for professional development
Digital Dentistry
Aesthetic Applications
Material / Material information and use
Dentistry Specialist Branches Trainings
The opportunity to quickly perform and learn the applications that you could not perform especially during the epidemic period.
Opportunity to follow all the dynamics of the dental industry up-to-date in an institutional structure
Training and presentations to develop behavioral competencies
Visionary general trend trainings on technological and social changes
To apply for the Hospitadent DT program; We are only looking for a recent graduate of dentistry faculties, having finalized graduation requirements or having clinical experience not exceeding one year. However, our candidates who will apply to the selection process;

Desire to build his career in a corporate structure,
Having high motivation and professional desire,
It is one of our sine qua non to have a structure that is open to development, focused not on himself but on his patients and the team he is in.
Our quota is limited and our application period will end on 31.07.2022.