Implant in 1 Day


Implant in 1 Day

What is Implant in 1 Day?

It is the process of making implants in 1 day and implants and coatings on the same day. For this process, the health status of the people is taken into consideration. It is checked whether the jawbone of the people is suitable for the implant and there should be no different complications in the mouth. It is the most preferred method because it allows people to reach healthy teeth quickly.

How is Implant Treatment Applied in 1 Day?

During the first examination, plans are prepared by tomography and x-ray. After the presented plans are approved by the review of the people, the transactions are started. Implants, which are surgical procedures, are placed in their places after tooth extraction. This period lasts 2 hours. Temporary teeth are then placed in the patient’s mouth. When the measured teeth are made, permanent bonding is performed with the consent of the patient. At the end of the procedures, people regain their healthy teeth.

Advantages of Implant Treatment in 1 Day

Compared to long implant treatment, healthy teeth are obtained in a short time. Due to rapid results, it is possible for people to continue their daily lives. Aesthetics and comfort are gained more easily. Since the recovery period is short, people adapt easily to their social lives. It also helps the person to gain speech and eating-drinking functions quickly. It is quite easy to clean. Provides natural tooth appearance.

Disadvantages of Implant Treatment in 1 Day

People should be suitable for implantation in the mouth in 1 day. It is not possible to apply to everyone.

To Whom Can Implant Be Applied in 1 Day?

It can be applied to anyone with a single tooth, more than one tooth and all mouth missing teeth. However, the most important factor here is that the oral and bone condition of the people is suitable for implantation in 1 day.

How Long Is the Implant Used in 1 Day?

In 1 day, the implant has a lifetime use like other implants. However, in this case, it is necessary to pay attention to oral hygiene and not to provide any deformation.

Treatment Summary

Number of Transactions


Return to Work Process


Processing Time

10 Days

Full Recovery Process


Anesthesia Method

Local anesthesia

Persistence of Results

5 Years

Sensitivity Process


Eating - Drinking Process

2 Hours Later

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