Fixed Denture


Fixed Denture

What is Fixed Prosthesis?

People may lose their teeth due to problems in the mouth. As a result of the loss suffered, difficulties may be experienced in subjects such as difficulty in speaking, eating and drinking problems, and aesthetic appearance. One of the treatments to overcome this loss is fixed prosthesis. It is a more preferred method because there is no problem of fixed prosthesis coming out frequently. Prostheses, which are prepared in the laboratory by reducing the teeth and using materials close to the dental tissue, are made by sticking on the teeth. According to the type of material, fixed prosthesis varies as porcelain supported, zirconium supported and laminated veneer.

How Long Is the Fixed Prosthesis Used?

The duration of use of the fixed prosthesis is 5 years. Depending on the damage that may occur in the tissues, a fall may occur in the fixed prosthesis. This period may be longer as a result of regular visits to the dentist and good care.

Fixed Prosthesis Advantages

With the fixed prosthesis, the patients’ speech, eating-drinking functions and aesthetic appearance are regained. It is easy to use as it does not come out in the mouth. Since it is aesthetic, it is not possible for people to feel different from their own teeth.

Fixed Prosthesis Disadvantages

Although there may be problems with hygiene in fixed prostheses, this problem is minimized thanks to the treatments performed before and the care to be made afterwards. Although it is costly compared to other treatments, this disadvantage can be ignored since it is one of the closest treatment methods to the tooth structure in terms of aesthetic appearance.

How is Fixed Prosthesis Applied?

After the first examination, the type of fixed prosthesis to be made is determined according to the material to be used according to the patient’s request. The teeth that need to be cut are reduced and the measurement is taken. According to the material prepared after the measurement taken, the infrastructure rehearsal of the prosthesis is done first. The compatibility of the dentures made suitable for the person’s mouth with other teeth, their aesthetic stance is checked, and with the patient’s approval, the dentures are sent to the laboratory for polishing. After the polishing process, a rehearsal is done and the cementation process is performed. Finally, the remnants of the prosthesis are cleaned and the patient is informed about the use.

Treatment Summary

Number of Transactions


Return to Work Process


Processing Time

10 Days

Full Recovery Process


Anesthesia Method

Local anesthesia

Persistence of Results

5 Years

Sensitivity Process


Eating - Drinking Process

2 Hours Later

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