Flap Treatment


Flap Treatment

What is Flap Treatment?
Flap treatment is a gingival removal operation. The aim of flap treatment is to try to correct the discomfort that occurs at the point where the tooth and gingiva begin to separate. The separation of the tooth, called gingival pockets, from the gingival tissue causes the growth of harmful bacteria and the formation of a cavity that is almost impossible to clean. Bacteria cause infection in the mouth after a while, and this causes complaints such as sensitivity, bleeding and pain in the teeth. Flap therapy helps to eliminate these ailments.

How Is Flap Treatment Done?
In flap treatment, local anesthesia can be used as well as general anesthesia. Another method is to give the patient a soothing syrup or a drug to relieve anxiety during local anesthesia. The first procedure to be done after the patient is under anesthesia is to make a small incision to separate the tooth from the gingiva. In order to reach the root, ligaments and bone tissue more easily, the opened gingiva is taken backwards.

After the first procedure, the main purpose is to clean the inflamed gingival tissue that causes discomfort to the patient. The irritating gum tissue is removed and the tooth root is purified from all bacteria. If any damage is detected in the bone tissue during the procedure, the damage is tried to be eliminated with a material called graft.

In the last step, after all the interventions deemed necessary by the dentist, the incision is closed and the procedure is completed. Flap treatment is a treatment with a high success rate if it is performed with extreme precision by physicians who are experts in the field.

Treatment Summary

Number of Transactions


Return to Work Process


Processing Time

10 Days

Full Recovery Process


Anesthesia Method

Local anesthesia

Persistence of Results

5 Years

Sensitivity Process


Eating - Drinking Process

2 Hours Later

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