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Hospitadent Den Haag

Dental Group Hospitadent is in Den Haag!

Hospitadent, the only dental health group with a branch abroad, opened a branch in the Netherlands after the first foreign branch it opened in Germany. Opened in Utrecht in 2015, the clinic was moved to the larger and more modern Den Haag clinic in 2017 due to the intense interest. Hospitadent Den Haag branch offers all kinds of oral and dental treatment services to its patients with its distinguished physician staff and modern medical devices. Experience the difference of dental treatment with Hospitadent Den Haag Dental Clinic / Oral and Dental Health Private Dental Hospital Hospitadent and Den Haag Best Dentist, Dentist, Dentist / Doctors among the Netherlands Den Haag Dental Hospital / Den Haag Dental Hospitals…

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Cosmetic Dentistry

While Traditional Dentistry prioritizes oral and dental health in its most general form, Cosmetic Dentistry...

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Missing Teeth

Missing teeth is a problem experienced by most people. Tooth deficiencies; The result of a...

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Implants are screws made of titanium that are used in the treatment of missing teeth...

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I have a lot of previous dental experience. My teeth needed wire treatment, I did a lot of research and discovered Hospitadent Mecidiyeköy Dental Hospital. Dr. I met Tugce Atcakan, she is very friendly and does her job very well, thanks again...

Türkiye | Fatmanur Ş.

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We have been a family patient of Ms. Esra for a long time. After meeting our teacher Esra, my dental problems that had been going on for years were solved. Since I thought that he was doing his job in the best way, I recommended him to my family and then all my friends to become doctors. Many thanks to our gentle-handed teacher Eser, who supported our teacher Esra during the implant process and made the process go smoothly.

Türkiye | Umut K.

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I have experienced many dental problems and experienced different doctors. Dr. I had the opportunity to meet Esra Erdoğan when I went for my routine check-ups. He is an incredibly smiling, positive physician who explains in detail what is going on at every stage. You can entrust your dental and oral health to him without any worries.

Türkiye | Selin İ.

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