Orthodontics is a specialty that deals with the proper placement of teeth on the dental bones and the diagnosis and treatment of facial irregularities. Orthodontic treatment; It is done to give the teeth the healthy appearance they should have when the teeth and jaw sizes are incompatible, the teeth are crooked, spaced or not aligned. Orthodontic treatment method is generally known as braces treatment. Orthodontic treatment is not only done for aesthetic concerns. Apart from this, it can also be used in the treatment of diseases such as prevention of gum diseases, elimination of teeth grinding problems, and ease of chewing. Today, with the developing technology, orthodontic disorders can be easily eliminated.

Treatment Summary

Number of Transactions


Return to Work Process


Processing Time

10 Days

Full Recovery Process


Anesthesia Method

Local anesthesia

Persistence of Results

5 Years

Sensitivity Process


Eating - Drinking Process

2 Hours Later

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