Needle-Free Anesthesia Application


Needle-Free Anesthesia Application

Dental Group Hospitadent recommends the needle-free anesthesia method for patients who interrupt their dental treatment due to fear of injections. Needle-free anesthesia method applied in Dental Group Hospitadent branches provides completely needle-free and painless local anesthesia injection. Needle-free anesthesia, which affects more areas than needle injection, is a completely safe and effective method. Unlike the needle anesthesia method, which sensitive skin can react to, this method, which does not irritate the skin in any way, provides a rapid numbing process. The patient does not feel any discomfort during the application of needle-free anesthesia or during the required treatment.

What is Needle-Free Dental Anesthesia?

The method applied to numb the area to be treated during dental treatments without a needle is called needle-free dental anesthesia. The patient does not feel the needle pain that he feels in standard needle anesthesia methods and can be safely prepared for treatment. Thus, it is easier for patients who feel psychologically ready for dental treatment to get through this process.

How is Needle-Free Dental Anesthesia Method Applied?

Dental Group Hospitadent branches, where all kinds of dental treatment can be performed, prioritize the comfort of their patients. It is an important detail that the patient feels ready before the treatment. After determining the treatment method needed by the patient, the solution applied with the appropriate pressure to the tooth and its surroundings with a needle-free anesthesia device quickly anesthetizes the area. After making sure that the patient is numb, starting the application eliminates the worries that may be experienced during the process. If dental diseases are not treated, treatment should be done as soon as possible because they cause health problems affecting the whole body. The needle-free anesthesia application offered by the Dental Group Hospitadent in order for the patients to get through the treatment process safely and quickly is performed by specialist physicians.

Is Needle Free Dental Anesthesia Solution Harmful?

Needle-free anesthesia solution does not cause any health problems in the teeth, gums or mouth. It has the same anesthetic effect as the content applied in standard needle anesthesia methods. Needle-free anesthesia can be performed on all patients who can undergo needle anesthesia. Although the patient does not feel any pain or pain during and after the needle-free anesthesia application, the results are welcomed by the patients.

Is Pain or Pain Felt With Needle-Free Local Anesthesia?

The ideal result obtained by the anesthetic agent applied with the needle can also be obtained in the needle-free anesthesia method. The degree of anesthesia is determined by the specialist physician, as in the needle method. In order for the patient to overcome the fear of dental treatment, the patient does not feel pain or pain before and after the preferred needle-free anesthesia application. Since the patient does not have to worry during the application, it helps to complete the treatment in a healthy and fast manner. Thanks to this method, which is especially preferred by their parents, the obstacle preventing children from avoiding dental treatment processes throughout their lives is removed.

It is Possible to Overcome Your Fear with the Needle-Free Anesthesia Method

All kinds of dental treatment applications can be performed at the Dental Group Hospital branches, where patients apply for emergencies or routine treatments. Needle-free dental anesthesia can also be applied in all Dental Group Hospitadent branches. Since Dental Group Hospitadent cares about the dental health of its patients, it follows new and advanced technology applications applied in the world. Advanced technology devices and materials are used in dental treatments performed by specialist dentists in all Dental Group Hospitadent branches. Dentists who are experts in their fields are with their patients throughout their treatment. Dental Group Hospitadent prepares all the conditions in advance for its patients to go through a comfortable treatment process. During the treatment processes in which hygienic and personalized materials are used, the safety and health of the patients are prioritized. All the help requests that their patients need are met quickly by the relevant personnel of Dental Group Hospitadent.

Treatment Summary

Number of Transactions


Return to Work Process


Processing Time

10 Days

Full Recovery Process


Anesthesia Method

Local anesthesia

Persistence of Results

5 Years

Sensitivity Process


Eating - Drinking Process

2 Hours Later

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