Lumineers Veneers


Lumineers Veneers

Lumineers Veneer method preferred by people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth; It is an ultra-thin restoration type applied to the front surfaces of the teeth without using a needle and without any abrasion from the tooth surface. Fast and effective results can be obtained with Lumineers Veneer, which is applied by Hospitadent specialists to patients who care about dental aesthetics. With the Lumineers application, colorless and volumeless teeth gain an aesthetic appearance, and people’s self-confidence can be renewed.

What is Lumineers Coating?

Lumineers originated as a treatment method first applied in the United States. Thanks to this method developed by the Lumineers brand and widely used all over the world, fast and effective results can be obtained. Hospitadent, which follows the dental technological developments in the world and applies it in its treatments, provides its patients to have an aesthetic appearance with the Lumineers Coating method.

Does Lumineers Veneer Damage Teeth?

The material applied for Lumineers Veneer is a quality and ultra-thin porcelain material. There is no deformation in the structure of natural teeth as there is no abrasion or a different thinning process on the teeth. People who want to obtain a white and smooth tooth structure, experience the satisfaction of having an aesthetic smile after the Lumineers Veneer.

To Whom Can Lumineers Be Applied?

Anyone who is not satisfied with dental aesthetics can have Lumineers Veneer. It is a coating method that can be applied to everyone, regardless of age or gender. People who are not satisfied with their tooth color or who think that their tooth length is insufficient can apply to Dental Group Hospitadent branches for Lumineers application. Lumineers Veneer can be preferred in the presence of tooth fractures or in cases where tooth gaps are high.

Is Lumineers Coating Durable?

Lumineers veneers made of fine porcelain can be used for many years. Porcelain Lumineers veneers, which are completely integrated into the tooth surface with special adhesive materials, can achieve durability by forming integrity with your natural teeth. However, any process or harmful behavior that can damage your natural teeth can damage Lumineers veneers. Lumineers veneers can continue to be used as long as all kinds of behaviors that may harm the teeth, such as trying to crack nuts, are avoided.

How is the Application Made?

If your tooth structure is in a suitable alignment for Lumineers Veneer, absolutely no abrasion is applied to your teeth. However, if your teeth are deformed, which may prevent the coating, some abrasion may be required. This method, which is painless and applied without the use of needles, takes about 3 weeks. The patient’s teeth are measured in the first session with a specialist physician. Measurements are sent to the USA for the preparation of Lumineers coatings. The patient is contacted within approximately 20 days. Lumineers veneers are bonded to the teeth.

Can restorations be removed if desired?

People who have Lumineers Veneer at Dental Group Hospitadent branches or in different centers may request that these restorations be removed at any time. The veneer removal process does not cause pain or suffering at all. After the veneers are removed, natural teeth can continue to be used as before or a different application can be performed according to the preference or needs of the patients. The Lumineers Coating removal process is short-lived.

Aesthetic Smile Design is Possible with Lumineers Coating

People who want to obtain an aesthetic smile design can apply to all Dental Group Hospitadent branches for Lumineers Veneer treatment. Completely hygienic, personalized and suitable materials are used in Dental Group Hospital’s branches, where advanced technology devices and materials are preferred. During the treatment period performed by specialist physicians, all the information needed by the patients are provided. The treatment process is completed in a healthy way in cooperation with the patient. The satisfaction of their patients is the primary priority of all personnel working at Dental Group Hospital and its affiliated branches.

Treatment Summary

Number of Transactions


Return to Work Process


Processing Time

10 Days

Full Recovery Process


Anesthesia Method

Local anesthesia

Persistence of Results

5 Years

Sensitivity Process


Eating - Drinking Process

2 Hours Later

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