What is Box Technique? – Dental Clinics in Istanbul Turkey


What is Box Technique? – Dental Clinics in Istanbul Turkey

If you are uncomfortable with your appearance due to the melting of your jaw bones, your removable prostheses can no longer hold on to your jaws, or if you want to have an implant but believe that you cannot get it done because of bone loss, the box technique may be the best solution for you.

What is box technique ?

The box technique, which can also be referred to as the box technique, is a surgical treatment method developed with the guidance of the latest technology and science to regenerate bone in cases where there is a loss of jawbones that are so great that implants cannot be made or that impair the aesthetics of the jaw and face.

In this surgical method, it is aimed to create a new bone tissue that will develop in a box around the bone by using specially designed barrier plates and bone products obtained by special means.

Some intense bone losses, for which traditional bone formation methods are insufficient, may occur from other parts of the person for many years.

It was tried to be solved by transferring the bone fragments taken to the relevant area. However, with the development of this technique, this necessity has largely disappeared.

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What are the Advantages of Box Technique?

Functional and aesthetic deficiencies caused by intense bone loss greatly affect both the health and social life of individuals. The aesthetic appearance and functional functions related to the bone tissue regained with the Box technique application make people’s lives healthier and more comfortable.

Due to the box shape created during the procedure, the bone shape that will occur after healing can be predicted, and it is much easier to plan the implant and prosthesis applications to be made later.

In addition, the absence of a second surgical procedure to remove a bone fragment from another part of the body is one of the biggest advantages of the box technique and it allows the patient to have a much more comfortable recovery period after the procedure.

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How is box technique done?

Before the procedure, a meticulous oral examination and radiological examination are performed. In addition, the procedure is planned using computerized tomography images.

If the patient who is planned to apply the Box technique has an existing health problem, the plans are shaped with the recommendations of the relevant doctors and the necessary precautions are taken.

If there are some problems in general oral hygiene, they are resolved first. When other treatment needs such as dental cleaning, filling and root canal treatments are met and the mouth becomes completely hygienic, the patient is ready for the box technique application.
Before starting the box technique, the area to be treated is anesthetized with local anesthesia. In some special cases, general anesthesia may also be preferred.

The box technique, which is basically applied to create a new 3D bone, is based on the placement of bone grafts, popularly known as bone powder, using barrier plates made of polylactic acid. Plates made of polylactic acid are fixed to the existing bone tissues and form a barrier like a dam wall, forming a box that will allow the bone grafts to remain stable and form new bone.

After the procedure is completed, the area where the box technique is applied is closed with the gum and sutured. After this stage, bone healing begins to be expected.

For a smooth operation, you should opt for a good dentist in Istanbul Turkey. If you are looking for a dental clinic, Hospitadent can meet your needs and expectations.

How is recovery after box technique?

It is considered normal to have a slight bleeding on the first day as it is after every surgical procedure.
On the first day, the mouth should not be shaken vigorously and the blood clot should not be removed from the wound area where the stitches are located.
It is recommended to be fed with liquid and warm foods that do not contain particles for a few days after the procedure. It is important not to neglect the use of medicines and mouthwashes recommended by your doctor. Stitches are removed after 7-10 days, except in cases where self-melting suture materials are used.

After the box technique application, new bone formation and healing are usually completed within 6-8 months. In rare cases where the bone loss is slightly less, the implant application is done at the same time as the box technique, but this period is usually expected to be completed for the implant or prosthesis procedures to be applied to the area where the box technique is applied.
Good oral hygiene and avoidance of smoking are extremely important in order not to have a negative effect on bone formation during the recovery period.

Another important point is that no force is applied to the area where the procedure is applied. For this reason, temporary prostheses to be prepared as needed should be in a way that does not apply force to the area where box technique is applied.
It is also important not to interrupt the regular check-ups after the box technique application against complications that may occur.

It is also important not to interrupt the regular check-ups after the box technique application against complications that may occur. If you choose Hospitadent, your regular check-ups will not be interrupred. With many dental clinics in Istanbul Turkey, Hospitadent might be the best option for you.

Why do jaw bones melt?

In patients who use removable prostheses that can be attached and removed for many years, especially in the lower jaw

With the effect of the excessive force on the bone tissue, losses and melting are observed in the bone tissue. These meltdowns are sometimes so great that implants cannot be made, and even removable prostheses cannot hold.
Serious bone loss can be observed, especially due to tooth loss and long-term use of prostheses, accompanied by bone loss in the posterior regions of the upper jaw, accompanied by sinus sagging that may occur for various reasons.
Bone loss may also occur due to advanced gum diseases. In advanced gingival diseases called periodontitis, due to the effect of the existing bacterial condition, melting of the jaw bones and a corresponding decrease in bone length and width occur.
A number of surgical operations due to accidents that cause severe bone trauma or cyst and tumor formations in the jaw area also cause serious bone losses. If these bone losses are not compensated, collapses and aesthetic problems occur in the face area due to both bone and tooth deficiency. In addition, speech and chewing functions are also damaged.

In some cases, severe regional bone loss is observed after long-term exposure of infected teeth, tooth extraction and implant applications. In such cases where the jawbone loses both length and width, the box technique is an ideal treatment method with the advantages it provides compared to other methods.

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Who is the box technique for?

Box technique can be applied to anyone who does not have a general health problem, has completed the developmental age and has extensive jaw bone loss.

Due to the surgical interventions involved in the Box technique, some special precautions should be taken with the guidance of specialist doctors before the procedure in people with diseases such as heart, blood pressure, diabetes, and hemophilia, and in the use of certain drugs that affect bone formation.

Since bone healing is not possible in patients who have received or are receiving radiotherapy from the head and neck region, the box technique cannot be applied.

In young people whose bone development has not yet been completed, it should be waited for the process to be completed.

Since smoking will prevent healthy bone formation and healing, it is recommended to quit smoking before the procedure. Otherwise, the success rate of the treatment is very low.

For a proper box technique administration, the process should be carried out by a sufficient dental clinic in Turkey. Hospitadent is one of those clinics that can carry out this process.

What materials are used in box technique?

In box technical applications, polylactic acid-based barrier plates, which are specially produced for this process and whose scientific name is poly D, L-lactic acid (PDLLA), are used.

These barrier plates are not harmful to human health, and due to their resorbable structure, they dissolve spontaneously within the time period when the bone tissue is regenerated and is excreted from the body.

Although the bone grafts (bone powders) used during the procedure are generally of bovine origin, sometimes human or synthetic graft materials can also be used.

Dental Group Hospitadent works to offer you a healthier and more comfortable life in all its branches and with its expert staff, making use of the latest technology, both in box technique and in other oral and dental health treatments.

For more information, feel free to contact us. Hospitadent is ready to serve you as it has many of the best dental clinics in Istanbul Turkey!

Treatment Summary

Number of Transactions


Return to Work Process


Processing Time

10 Days

Full Recovery Process


Anesthesia Method

Local anesthesia

Persistence of Results

5 Years

Sensitivity Process


Eating - Drinking Process

2 Hours Later

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