5 Proofs That the Implant Is Not A Cure To Fear

5 Proofs That the Implant Is Not A Cure To Fear

1- It is the most suitable method for missing teeth:

Implant treatment is the most appropriate and common treatment method that can be applied for a single tooth or multiple tooth deficiencies. This treatment method; It is a longer-lasting and comfortable solution compared to removable prostheses, which are difficult to use and maintain, and bridge prosthesis treatments that weaken the support teeth.

2- It can be done to anyone with suitable bone structure:

Implant application; It is an age-free treatment method that can be applied to every individual over the age of 18 who has completed the growth and development period. Implant treatment can be applied to anyone who has sufficient bone volume and does not have a systemic disease to prevent treatment. The material of the implant is made of titanium metal, which is compatible with body tissues. For this reason, it is out of question that the jawbone does not accept implants made of metal compatible with its own tissue.

3- The process takes place in a short time:

Although it varies according to bone density, an implant can be applied in as little as 10-15 minutes on average. Implant treatment is not a long, tiring and painful method. After the implant operation, which will be performed by numbing only the area where the treatment will be applied, with appropriate anesthesia methods, the healing time of the wound site and removal of the stitches is 1 week. The time required to make the prosthetic tooth to be placed on the implant is between 2.5-3 months, depending on the density of the bone around the implant. At the end of this period, the top of the implant is opened and the necessary procedures for the production of prosthetic teeth are started. In patients with fear of the dentist, all procedures can be performed under general anesthesia.

4- It is done by the expert:

The success of the implant application depends on the treatment by specialist physicians. In the placement of the implants in the necessary areas and in the planning of the dental prosthesis to be made on the implants; oral, dental, maxillofacial surgery and prosthesis specialist should work together by planning. Considering the patient’s needs and jawbone density, the appropriate number of implants and prosthesis shape are planned before the treatment. The treatment of the patient is completed under the supervision of our specialist dentists within the relevant planning.

5- Hospitadent has a lifetime warranty:

Implants applied in all branches of Hospitadent dental hospitals are guaranteed for life. Any problem that may occur after the implant is applied is treated in our hospital free of charge.


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