After Implant Treatment

After Implant Treatment

Although post-implant and post-implant swelling conditions are extremely normal, it is a frequent situation that varies from patient to patient. Implant operations can be extremely complex and challenging. These operations are extremely effective and efficient operations applied in tooth deficiencies caused by congenital dental disorders, subsequent fractures, cracks or caries.

In these operations, regional anesthesia at the predetermined level is applied to the patient first. After the area is numb, the implant screw is inserted, and after the implant screw is inserted, the operation completes its final phase with the insertion of the tooth. After the dental implant operation, there is a healing process that varies from patient to patient. In this process, the patient adapts and gets used to their new teeth. In this process, complaints such as post-implant pain or post-implant swelling may occur. In addition, dentists recommend that the patient not use any dental care products, that is, not brush their teeth, for at least 24 hours after the dental implant operation.

Dental implant operations are applied according to the patient’s needs or specific requests. After the operation, patients may have some conditions that are quite normal, such as post-implant pain or post-implant swelling, which are common in most people who have had this operation. There are some procedures to be followed for this.

At this point, what patients need to do is to provide them with the drugs written by the specialist dentist who has performed their operations. Afterwards, these drugs should be used regularly at certain time intervals in line with the recommendations of the specialist physician who has performed the operation. These drugs will usually be pain relievers and antibiotics against possible inflammation or infection. The patient must use these drugs regularly at the intervals specified by the dentist.

Disturbing conditions such as post-implant pain and post-implant swelling may present themselves with varying severity rates from patient to patient. This may vary depending on the patient’s resistance to pain in general, and the state of health he was in before the operation. Conditions such as post-implant swelling or post-implant pain may be more severe depending on factors such as the size and extent of the operation, as well as the general health status of the patient.

This process can be more painful, especially for patients who smoke. Smoking patients are advised not to smoke or to smoke at a minimum level during this period, that is, after implantation.

Today, dental implants are also known as veneer teeth. Many famous names around the world, even Hollywood actors such as Tom Cruise, have undergone this operation. Dental implant operations, also known as veneer teeth, can be extremely effective and efficient operations.