All On Six Implants

All On Six Implants

All on six dental implant treatments are generally applied to patients with complete tooth loss. This method is an extremely effective and efficient oral and dental health treatment method for patients with tooth loss.

Implant dental treatments are treatments applied to people who have disorders in their teeth in general. These treatments are a remedy for conditions such as fractures or cracks in the teeth of people. In addition to situations such as fractures or cracks, patients may also experience tooth loss as a result of an accident or due to caries. At this point, implant dental treatments are known as very effective treatments. In particular, treatments such as all on six dental implants and all on four implants are treatments specifically applied to patients who have experienced tooth loss. Today, implant dental treatments are safely applied even to patients who have missing teeth or have experienced complete tooth loss.

All on six dental implant method is applied to patients who experience tooth loss rather than patients who have broken, cracked or deformities in their teeth. With this method, as with other implant dental treatment methods, patients can have extremely natural and healthy teeth.

All sixteen dental implant treatments, which are frequently applied to patients with complete tooth loss, are extremely comfortable, painless, fast, efficient and effective procedures compared to other procedures. Before starting dental implant treatment, patients are examined radiographically and clinically. Here, the necessary data is obtained from the patient and it is determined whether the patient is suitable for this treatment. The oral and dental health conditions of some patients are not suitable for applying techniques such as all on six dental implants or all on four dental implants. At this point, it is very important for the person who wants to apply all on six dental implant treatment to undergo clinical and radiographic examinations before treatment.

In the examinations performed before the treatment, the load to be carried by all sixteen dental implant parts and the places they will stand are carefully calculated. In this application, the parts placed in the person’s jaw and the shape of the prosthesis to be applied afterwards will be completely personal. This situation is the same in all on six dental implant treatments as in all other implant dental treatments. In addition, thanks to the pre-operative examinations, all on six dental implant parts are fully compatible with the oral and dental health of the patient. This causes the implant tooth parts to be extremely robust and durable.

All on six dental implant technique is generally applied to elderly patients who have experienced complete tooth loss. However, this technique is known as a comprehensive treatment that can be safely applied to anyone over the age of 18 who has the necessary bone conformity structure and gives extremely effective and robust results.