What are the Factors Affecting Implant Prices?

What are the Factors Affecting Implant Prices?

Implant prices are one of the most frequently asked questions by those who want to get rid of the missing tooth problem. Recently, the number of people who benefit from implant treatment has been increasing. Thanks to this treatment, which has become a much more attractive option especially for those who do not want to use dentures, it is possible to complete missing teeth. At the same time, it becomes possible for the person to have a more aesthetic and more beautiful-looking tooth structure, especially in the case of implants for the anterior teeth.

We can say that it is very difficult to distinguish between implant and real teeth after this treatment, which is performed with a prosthesis placed in the jawbone and a specially prepared tooth. The fact that it offers an extremely natural result is among the reasons why this treatment is often preferred. At this point, let’s start to explain all the questions that patients wonder about implant prices.

What are the Factors Affecting Implant Prices?

Patients often want to hear a clear and stable figure about implant prices. However, as can be expected, it is not possible to talk about a fixed figure for the price. Because these prices can change depending on many different reasons. Therefore, it is quite normal for patients to come across different numbers in their price research. We can state that the most important parameter regarding the factors affecting the prices is the implant used.

This material, which has a screw-like structure, is produced by many different companies today. As a result, companies can offer these medical products at different prices. This is one of the factors that affect implant prices. Which company is the product of the implant material produced using titanium material, also affects the budget that should be allocated for this process. At this point, it would be useful to talk about quality.

It is difficult to state that all implants produced by different companies are of the same quality. Medicinal products of higher quality may have higher prices. However, it is also possible to use it for a longer period of time or to provide a more satisfactory result. The prices of low quality products also correspond to slightly lower figures. As a result, we can say that the quality of this material used is another factor that affects the price.

The experience of the dentist who will perform the implant treatment is also a determining factor in the price. In addition, how many missing teeth or in other words how many implants will be made is also in the list of factors that affect implant prices. If the implant to be used is imported from abroad, exchange rates also come into play. As a result, exchange rates also affect the price and cause the price to fluctuate.

In general, we can summarize all the factors affecting implant prices in the form of a short list:

The list of base prices determined by the Turkish Dental Association

Which company produced the implant to be used?

  • Experience of the dentist performing the implant treatment
  • General oral and dental health status of the patient
  • The patient’s jaw and jawbone structure
  • How many implant treatments will be done
  • Pricing policy of the clinic that will perform the implant treatment
  • Payment method (Only valid for some clinics)

Patients who want to benefit from this treatment may want to get a clear price information. In this case, it is necessary to make an appointment and pass the examination. Afterwards, the price is determined and the patient is informed about it. If the patient approves, treatment is started immediately.

How Much Are Domestic Implant Prices?

Of course, there are some companies that manufacture implants in our country. We can say that there are companies that produce implant types with high quality levels among them. These implant prices, also called domestic production, correspond to much lower figures compared to implants imported abroad. Because prices do not always change depending on exchange rates. For this reason, it is possible to state that the prices are slightly lower. Patients can also choose domestically produced implant types with peace of mind. You can consult your dentist about this. You can also ensure that an implant recommended by your dentist is used.


Single Tooth Implant Prices 2021 How Much?

Sometimes patients are missing only one tooth. In this case, single tooth implant prices can also be wondered. However, in order to give price information, it is necessary to know where the missing tooth is in the jawbone. This will require a simple examination. If an implant is to be made for a tooth located at the back of the jawbone, aesthetic concerns are also less. Prices may be slightly lower. However, anterior teeth are more visible and aesthetic concerns are also higher. In this case, although the implant prices are not much different, they may correspond to slightly higher figures. The fact that grafting bone powder will be applied to the patient within the scope of the treatment also affects the price of this treatment for a single tooth.


Does SGK Cover Implant Prices?

Implant prices are not covered by SSI. For this reason, patients who want to benefit from the treatment in question need to allocate a certain budget. Sometimes, if domestically produced implants are preferred, it is also wondered whether there is government support at the price point. In such a case, it should be noted that there is no state support. Treatment costs must be covered entirely by the patient.

How Many Implants Are Made in a Day?

First of all, let’s say that another issue that is as curious as the implant prices is the number of implants that can be made in a day. It is not true that only one implant can be made in a single session. It is also possible to make 12 or even 14 implants in just one day. Let’s make a little reminder at this point. The condition of the patient’s jawbone is also extremely important for this treatment. The jawbone must have a density suitable for the treatment in question.

However, we can also state that implant treatment can be applied for both the lower and upper jaws on the same day. If you talk to your dentist, you can get information about how many implants you need and the density level of the jawbone. In addition, you will be informed about implant prices and the treatment will be carried out in a time period that is convenient for you.