Aesthetic Fillings in 9 Questions

Aesthetic Fillings in 9 Questions

What does aesthetic filling mean?

It is to provide an aesthetic appearance by sticking tooth-colored fillings to the tooth with a special light.

How are aesthetic fillings applied?

Aesthetic fillings are applied with minimal tooth loss. A material is applied to the tooth surface, which ensures the adhesion of the natural tooth and the filling material, and the filling material is applied to the tooth.

In which situations can aesthetic fillings be applied?

  • Repair rotten and broken teeth
  • Removing permanent discoloration of teeth
  • close interdental spaces
  • lengthen the tooth
  • It is used to make a personalized smile design by changing the shape of the teeth.

Are aesthetic fillings harmful to teeth or gums?

Aesthetic fillings are often applied with minimal abrasion on the tooth. There is no harm to the teeth and gums.

Can we use aesthetic fillings like our own teeth? What should we pay attention to?

Aesthetic fillings need careful use. You should not bite too hard. Nail biting, pen biting, etc. It is necessary to avoid habits that cause too much force to the tooth. The care of the teeth on which these fillings are applied is the same as natural teeth. With the right brushing and use of dental floss, the teeth on which fillings are applied are cleaned.

How long do aesthetic fillings last?

The life of an aesthetic filling made according to the application rules is 5-10 years. Surface roughness is minimized by polishing to prevent staining during use. Stains that may occur over the years can be removed with a short polishing session.

What are the advantages of aesthetic fillings?

The most important advantage of aesthetic fillings is that they look natural. Another advantage is that the treatment period is short and it can be applied in a single session. These fillings can be applied to all age groups. It is more economical than other aesthetic procedures.

How long does it take to apply aesthetic fillings?

These applications take an average of 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Are aesthetic fillings expensive compared to other fillings?

The price varies according to the type of treatment to be applied and the material to be used. There is not a very extreme price difference compared to other fillings.


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