Bonding Application in 8 Questions

Bonding Application in 8 Questions

What is the bonding application?

It is one of the preventive dentistry procedures. They are additions made to the tooth to change the color or shape of the tooth, to enlarge the tooth or to treat a defect.

Can we say that bonding application is the name given to aesthetic fillings?

Yes, we can call this system aesthetic fillings. Bonding is done by using composite (aesthetic) fillings containing microtile or nanoparticles. The color or shape of the tooth can be changed.

In which cases is the bonding application preferred?

It is used to close the spaces between the teeth, to change the shape of the teeth (such as lengthening the teeth) and their colors.

Does the bonding application look natural?

It looks natural because materials suitable for the color and structure of natural teeth are used.

Is the bonding application applied to every part of the mouth?

It is usually applied to the anterior teeth as it is made for aesthetic purposes.

Will there be a color change in the teeth after the bonding application?

Since it has almost the same features as the tooth structure, color changes are seen as much as normal teeth. Possible discolorations caused by external factors (tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc.) can be removed during routine dental examinations.

How long do bonding applications last?

Quality materials and applications made by a specialist dentist last 5-10 years.


Is the bonding application a long and expensive process?

Usually 1 session (30 min – 1 hour) is sufficient for the bonding process. The number of sessions may vary depending on the procedure to be performed. The cost may vary depending on the material to be used and the type of treatment to be selected.


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