Darbe Alan Dişler

Darbe Alan Dişler

Should a child who has suffered a blow to his teeth be brought to the pedodontist?

In order to evaluate the current condition of the tooth and to determine the treatment, it should be brought to the pedodontist as soon as possible. If it is not brought, the tooth may be lost as a result of incorrect treatment planning or the necessary treatment may not be applied in a timely manner.

What kind of treatment is applied to teeth that are shaken by impact?

In the treatment of teeth that wobble as a result of impact, medical interventions are required so that the existing wobble does not become aggravated and returns to its normal state. For example, fixing to adjacent teeth, increasing occlusion (limiting the contact of the lower and upper teeth), avoiding hard foods. Since the treatment to be applied will vary from patient to patient, the necessary treatment can only be applied as a result of the examination. In addition, regular checks should be made until the shaking completely stops.

Can a tooth that has completely fallen out as a result of the impact be saved?

If the completely displaced tooth is a milk tooth, the tooth should not be replaced. The reason for this is that there is a possibility of damaging the permanent tooth that will come from below. For this reason, if the tooth that is completely displaced is a primary tooth, it is decided whether to apply a placeholder or not. However, if the tooth that is completely displaced is a permanent tooth, it is possible to replace the tooth and give the tooth a chance to be treated, depending on the way the tooth is brought to the pedodontist and the time it is brought.

What advice can you give to families of children who have been hit?

If the tooth has fallen out, it should be found and delivered to the physician as soon as possible under appropriate conditions (in cold milk, in the mouth, in the cheek area). Because it is known that the vitality of the structures that help the tooth to reattach will continue for half an hour and the chance of success in the first half hour of the treatment is high. However, if the tooth cannot be found, the nearest dentist should be consulted and the current situation should be evaluated and the necessary treatment should be applied.


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