Dental implant prevents melting of the jawbone!

Dental implant prevents melting of the jawbone!

Saying that dental implants are produced from a material called titanium, which is biologically compatible with tissue and does not cause allergies, Dental Group Hospitadent Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist Dr. Merve Erişen said, “A dental implant is defined as an artificial tooth root placed in the jawbone. The implant, together with the coating on it, imitates the natural tooth in the best way. It restores the chewing function and aesthetics lost due to tooth deficiency in individuals who have lost one or more teeth. he said.

The Advantages of Dental Implants Are Countless

“As long as healthy teeth continue to exist, there will be no melting in the jawbone, but after tooth loss, a decrease in the volume of the jawbone can be seen in the relevant areas. The implant, which replaces our missing tooth, supports our jawbone and prevents bone resorption. For this reason, implants are of great importance in terms of preventing bone resorption due to tooth deficiency, as they are prostheses that imitate natural teeth

Another advantage of implants is that they enable fixed prosthesis to be made in completely edentulous or edentulous jaws where fixed prosthesis cannot be made. Thus, individuals are not obliged to use removable (attachable or removable) prosthesis, which is less comfortable than fixed prostheses.

The most important advantage of the bridge prosthesis is that there is no need to cut the adjacent teeth in the implant area. Therefore, the adjacent teeth are not interfered with while implanting.

In edentulous jaws, implants can be used to prevent the movement of full dentures, known as “palate”, during functions such as chewing and speaking. Thus, in jaws that are not suitable for fixed implant prosthesis, it is possible to achieve successful results by increasing the comfort of the patient with full implant-supported dentures to be made with support from a small number of implants.

Pay Attention To These While Making Implants!

Stating that a quality implant will merge with the bone smoothly and the probability of having problems in the future will be low, Dr. Erişen said, “At the beginning of the factors to be considered, it should be noted that the physician who will apply the implant is an experienced specialist in the field and, above all, gives confidence to the patient. Care should be taken against clinics that hesitate to share the implant brand they will apply. Clinics using quality implants do not hesitate to share the brand of the implant with the patient, moreover, they give a lifetime warranty for possible problems related to the implant at any stage. You should be sure that the implant you will have will be covered by a lifetime warranty.” he said.