Teeth Whitening Prices

Teeth Whitening Prices


Teeth whitening fee may vary according to the method to be applied during the operation, the dimensions and structure of the operation. Teeth whitening, which is an extremely common and effective procedure, is a type of treatment that has been safely and effectively applied in the field of oral and dental health for a long time.


Teeth whitening is a very common procedure, but it is also known as a procedure with a wide range of uses. These procedures can be applied against conditions such as yellowing of the teeth, staining or loss of color on the teeth, and people who smoke or consume too much tea can easily get rid of the yellowing of their teeth due to these consumption habits.


There can be many reasons for yellowing of the teeth, loss of color or staining on the teeth. These reasons may vary depending on external reasons such as the importance of the person’s oral and dental health, hygiene level and consumption habits. In addition, some people’s teeth may be more prone to yellowing, discoloration or staining on the teeth than others.


Teeth whitening applications are often applied to people who experience such situations, generally for aesthetic reasons. Teeth whitening fee is one of the most curious questions of people who are considering this application. This price may vary according to several important factors. On the other hand, teeth whitening prices may be different in 2022 compared to the previous year. In other words, the numbers for teeth whitening prices in 2021 and the numbers applied for 2022 will be different numbers.


Teeth whitening fee may vary depending on the type of operation. Although there are many distinctive features for these applications, there are basically two types of teeth whitening applications. These are office type teeth whitening applications and home teeth whitening applications. Office type teeth whitening applications are the name given to the cases where the patient undergoes teeth whitening operation in a clinic or oral and dental health center environment. On the other hand, home type teeth whitening method, which is another teeth whitening method, refers to teeth whitening operations that can be performed in the patient’s home environment, as can be easily understood from its name. Different teeth whitening fee policies are followed for both office and home teeth whitening methods. Office type teeth whitening procedures can be more comprehensive and larger operations. For this reason, the number of teeth whitening fees applied in these procedures may be higher compared to home teeth whitening procedures. On the other hand, since the dentist comes to the patient’s home in home-type teeth whitening methods, the number of teeth whitening fees to be applied here may vary considerably depending on this situation.


When determining the cost of teeth whitening, the most important factors after the type of operation will be the specific wishes and desires of the patient. The scope, type and method of the teeth whitening process requested by the patient is the main factor that determines the teeth whitening fee. The experience of the dentist, the quality of the clinic and similar factors can also be very decisive for the cost of teeth whitening.