Things to Know About After Tooth Extraction

Things to Know About After Tooth Extraction

What should be considered after tooth extraction?

The tampon in the mouth should be bitten tightly for half an hour.

If possible, nothing should be eaten or drunk for 2 hours.

Especially during that day, very hot and cold foods should not be consumed.

Sports or strenuous movements should be avoided for that day.

When does the extraction site heal after tooth extraction?

Healing of extraction wounds takes 1-2 weeks.

What should be done if the bleeding has not stopped after tooth extraction?

It is normal for bleeding in the form of leakage after tooth extraction, especially in large extraction wounds. However, after heavy bleeding that lasts 24 hours, a clean gas tampon is applied to that area and bitten hard.

When does the pain and swelling go away after tooth extraction?

Although post-extraction pain and swelling are rare symptoms, they can occur after some difficult extractions. These symptoms, which occur due to edema after the procedure, will pass within 7-10 days.

Can I drink painkillers or aspirin after tooth extraction?

Painkillers can be taken in case of post-extraction pain, but it is definitely inconvenient to use aspirin because of its blood thinning effect.

Can smoking or alcohol be used after tooth extraction?

Alcohol and cigarette smoking for 3 days after tooth extraction is prohibited as it will delay semi-healing.

Can tooth extraction be done by every dentist?

Tooth extraction can be done by any dentist, only expert advice can be taken for broken root wisdom teeth and teeth that are thought to be difficult to extract.


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