Things to Know About Laser Use in Dental Treatments

Things to Know About Laser Use in Dental Treatments

What is the place of laser in dental treatments?

Although the laser technique, which has been used in dentistry for about 20 years, was used in limited areas at first, it is now used in many treatments in dentistry with the advancement of laser technology.

In which dental treatments is laser applied?

  • dental fillings
  • Root canal treatment
  • Gum treatments
  • All kinds of surgical operations, including implants
  • Removal of gingival discoloration
  • It is used in many treatments such as teeth whitening.

Is laser use necessary in dental treatments?

It is not a requirement. Every procedure to be performed using laser can also be performed with classical dentistry techniques. However, this technique can be preferred in terms of ease of use for both the patient and the physician.

Are laser applications an expensive procedure in dental treatments?

Compared to classical techniques, they are currently more expensive procedures.

Does the use of laser in dental treatments shorten the procedure time?

It can be said that it provides a bleeding-free environment for the physician especially in surgical operations and shortens the procedure time due to faster post-operative recovery. In addition, in the teeth whitening process, laser results can be obtained much faster.

What are the advantages of laser in dental treatments?

Since it is a painless procedure in the first place, there is no need to anesthetize the tooth in most cases. This provides comfort for many patients, including children, who fear dental treatment. It

provides a quicker recovery in all kinds of surgical operations such as jawbone and gingival operations.

In some people, genetically existing purple discolorations can be removed by laser application.

What are the disadvantages of laser in dental treatments?

Although it does not normally have any disadvantages, it can cause serious harm to the patient and physician if not used carefully.

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