Things to Know About Oral Care and Hygiene

Things to Know About Oral Care and Hygiene

How should oral care be done? How to have a healthy mouth? How is oral hygiene ensured?

Oral care should be continuous and effective. It is the foot of the treatment that helps the physician and is the most important. Undoubtedly, the first step of home care is tooth brushing. With the effective technique shown by your doctor, we complete the daily care process by brushing at least twice a day and then cleaning between teeth with dental floss or interface brushes. In addition, rinsing the mouth with mouthwash balances the low PH in the mouth, thus reducing the acidic effect of the oral environment.

Is good nutrition important for oral care? What should be considered in nutrition for oral health?

The primary cause of dental caries and tartar is a structure we call microbial dental plaque. This organized structure is the bacterial invasion of the brofilm layers that adhere to the tooth surface after meals. Mechanically removing this plaque layer after meals with the help of a brush prevents the formation of caries and calculus in the first degree.

Why do sugary foods threaten oral health?

The sugary foods we eat prepare a rich living environment for the bacteria that make up this MDP layer. Therefore, patients who are fed a diet consisting of soft carbohydrate foods with a lot of sugar have a high inriolangue.

How often should one go to the dentist for healthy mouth and teeth?

For healthy mouth and teeth, visit your dentist every six months. Detection of caries in the early period, preventive treatments and cleaning of calculus are the procedures performed by your physician during these quiniol sessions. With regular checkups and good oral hygiene, you can have a healthy mouth and teeth.

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Chief Physician Dt. Zekeriya Alp YILDIRAN