Things to Know About Smile Design

Things to Know About Smile Design

What is smile design?

Smile design is essentially the smile that our patients dream of and want to see when they look in the mirror; It is the acquisition of our patients by taking into account the surrounding tissues such as face shape, skin color, lips, teeth and gums.

How to start smile design?

The smile design starts by determining the missing or excessive points in the image that appears when smiling compared to an ideal smile, with the help of the front facade, profile, smile photos and dental x-rays taken from our patient.

What types of smile designs are there?

In addition to designs in which only the problems arising from the color, form or position of the teeth are eliminated and the treatment is limited to the teeth, there are also smile designs in which some arrangements are made on soft tissues such as leveling the gums with minor operations, lip fullness and reshaping the contour.

How can it be understood that the patient needs a smile design

Whether a smile design is needed or not is decided by examining all the structural elements involved in the smile and the harmony between them. At this stage, the points to be considered are skin color, face shape, lip form and support, gingival level and gingival health, the amount of appearance of the teeth, color, form and position.

What processes can be done in smile design?

The main treatment options used in smile design;

  • Bleaching
  • composite laminate
  • porcelain laminate
  • Lumineers
  • They are full ceramic coatings.

Depending on the degree of crowding in the teeth, orthodontic treatments may also need to be applied. In addition to this, what we call pink aesthetics; Removing the level differences of the gums, shortening the gums in case they look excessive when smiling, removing the dark colors seen in the darkened individuals or due to excessive smoking are also the basic procedures.

How long does it take to make a smile design?

The time required for smile design varies according to the treatment options required.

Is planning a smile design an expensive process?

Smile design is a chain of aesthetic operations that increase the self-confidence of the person as well as oral and dental health. For this reason, the cost of smile design varies according to the type of treatments deemed necessary.


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