Things to Know About Teeth Stones

Things to Know About Teeth Stones

What is calculus?

Although there are hard attachments that accumulate on the tooth surfaces, they are structures that have absolutely no relation with tooth integrity.

Why do calculus form?

It occurs as a result of the hardening of the soft plaque that accumulates on the tooth surface due to insufficient brushing, combined with the minerals in the saliva.

Is tartar formation genetic?

Although tartar formation is related to salivary structure, it is difficult to say that it is genetically transmitted.

How often should dental scaling be done?

We recommend our patients to go to a regular dentist examination every 6 months. During these examinations, it is appropriate to carry out dental calculus cleaning when deemed necessary by the physician.

Is tartar cleaning harmful to teeth?

Teeth cleaning does not cause any harm to the teeth.

Does smoking increase dental calculus?

As a result of scientific studies carried out in the past, it has been reported that more dental calculus formation is observed in smokers than in non-smokers.

Does tartar cleaning whiten teeth?

When the dark-colored tartar on the tooth surface is cleaned, the lighter-colored tooth surface that is exposed from the bottom gives the person a feeling of whitening. However, the purpose of tartar cleaning is not to whiten the teeth.

What problems does dental scaling that is not done regularly cause?

Tartars accumulating on the tooth surface lead to the onset of gingival diseases, which can even result in tooth loss over time.

How long does the dental scaling process take?

Although it varies according to the situation of the patient, a minimum of 30 minutes of processing time is required.

Is dental scaling an expensive procedure?

Considering the benefits of the procedure to the patient, we can say that it is a very reasonably priced procedure.


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