Things to Know Before Getting a Dental Implant

Things to Know Before Getting a Dental Implant

Dental Implant is an artificial tooth replacement that imitates the real tooth root compatible with the jawbone by surgical methods in place of the lost tooth. Implants are metal structures made of titanium, designed in various ways to imitate the function of the root of the tooth, and providing the adaptation of the surface structure with the bone. These require special advanced technology.

Benefits of Implant Teeth:

This application is important in terms of not cutting the adjacent teeth, allowing fixed prosthesis options instead of removable prostheses in case of a large number of missing teeth, or preparing a solid infrastructure for removable prostheses when preferred instead of making a bridge in single tooth deficiencies.

The toothless bone area shrinks and shrinks over time as there is no tooth in it and becomes out of function. Bone gradually becomes insufficient for prosthesis retention, and in the same way, bone thickness and height may be insufficient when an implant is desired. Since the bone will regain function by placing an implant in the edentulous area, it is also important in terms of preventing such bone losses.

To Whom Dental Implant Can Be Applied, To Whom Not?

Not every patient can be implanted. Sometimes it is better not to have implants at all. It will not be right to apply implants to people with poor general health, people with bad habits, people with unsuitable jawbone structure. If bone resorption has progressed due to systemic diseases, bad habits such as excessive smoking or teeth clenching, being without teeth for a long time or gum diseases and bad habits, the existing bone structure creates an obstacle to implant application.

Attention Before Implant!

Implants are parts that will be placed in the jawbone, into living tissue. You don’t have a chance to say it’s bad.

When we remember the implant surgery, its procedure and these uncontrolled types of implants circulating in the market, it is normal to be concerned about the reliability of implant applications offered at low prices.

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