Veneer Teeth Preparations

Veneer Teeth Preparations

What preparations are made on the teeth before veneer?

If there are cavities, fractures or structural defects in the supporting tooth before the tooth is cut, the necessary treatment should be done first. The existing old treatments in the teeth should be evaluated clinically and radiologically, and then all filling material should be removed, infected tissues should be removed, and root canal treatments should be performed if necessary.

Do teeth lose their vitality after cutting?

Tooth cutting is done by preserving the vitality of the pulp and surrounding tissues of the tooth. In the evaluations made before or during tooth cutting (presence of caries, width of tooth pulp, presence of old fillings, etc.), root canal treatment of the tooth should be performed if necessary. Tooth cutting does not cause the tooth to lose its vitality.

What is the process of tooth cutting? Is it a long and painful procedure?

Tooth cutting is the process of reducing the pulp and surrounding tissues in accordance with the anatomical structure of the tooth tissue. The amount of cutting of the tooth tissue should be at least as much as the amount of artificial material covered by the crown prosthesis to be placed on it. Since the tooth is cut under local anesthesia, it is not painful. Sessions can be kept short, patient comfort is important.

Does the patient have to use a lifetime veneer after the teeth are cut?

The patient can always have an implant, if possible, in the mouth area where there are missing teeth. But of course, since the tooth tissue of the support teeth is cut, it is necessary to protect the support teeth with a veneer. Prostheses that have been used for many years should be replaced with new prostheses.

What conditions must be met in the patient to have a veneer?

Colorations, restorations and caries: Detailed examination is made. If the caries and restorations are too large, a crown can be made. In the presence of missing teeth, crown-bridge prosthesis can be made. Thus, crown prostheses are made to protect the normal structure, eliminate the lack of function and provide an aesthetic appearance.


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