What to Know About Sensitivity in Teeth

What to Know About Sensitivity in Teeth

What does sensitivity in teeth mean?

Tooth sensitivity is sharp and sudden pain against cold and/or hot food and drink.

What are the causes of sensitivity in teeth?

Caries, old fillings or veneers, gingival recession are the main causes of tooth sensitivity.

Is there a treatment for sensitivity in teeth?

Treatment of tooth sensitivity varies according to the cause of the sensitivity.

  • If they are caused by old fillings or coatings, they should be renewed.
  • In sensitivities caused by gingival recession, either the recession is closed with a gingival graft, or the root surface is covered with fillings in these areas.
  • When there is no other indication, it is possible to prevent sensitivities with fluorine treatment.

What should be done when sensitivity is felt in the teeth?

You should consult your dentist for information about the causes and treatments of sensitivity.


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