What to Know About Tooth Abscess

What to Know About Tooth Abscess

Why does the tooth abscess? Is it dangerous?

If the tooth has caries in the mouth, it makes an abscess, besides, tartar can also cause an abscess in the gums. If the abscessed tooth is not treated, it will cause tooth loss, so it is necessary to intervene in the abscessed tooth.

Does abscessed tooth mean decayed?

Abscesses in the tooth can occur not only in the presence of caries, but also due to calculus. It is necessary to consult a dentist for diagnosis.

What should we do when the tooth abscess?

It is necessary to consult a dentist immediately.

Can an abscessed tooth be extracted? Can it be drugged?

In acute abscess cases, antibiotic treatment should be applied first and then the tooth should be extracted.

In cases of chronic abscess, the tooth can be anesthetized and extracted

Does a tooth abscess cause bad breath?

A tooth abscess causes an intense odor as it creates an environment in the mouth where bacteria are present.

What kind of problems can be caused by not going to a dentist when a tooth abscess is present?

The tooth primarily causes pain, and along with the pain, an abscess collects and swelling occurs. When you don’t go to the dentist, the swelling goes away after a while, but the inflammation in the tooth continues and after a while, more intense pain occurs than before. Continuous use of antibiotics is both harmful to the body and difficult to dissipate because it hardens the inflammation in removing the existing inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a dentist.

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