What You Need to Know About Panoramic X-Rays

What You Need to Know About Panoramic X-Rays

Is it obligatory to have a panoramic x-ray for dental examination?

Panoramic x-rays can be taken to view all the teeth and surrounding bone structures of the patient, although it is not mandatory in every examination. Because we can create a healthier treatment plan by imaging many of the structures that we cannot see in the mouth with the help of panoramic x-rays.

Will panoramic x-rays hurt?

Since a minimal amount of radiation is given, there is no harm, but we should take our precautions by dressing each patient in a lead apron.

Can panoramic x-rays be done to pregnant women?

Even if it is small, it is useful not to shoot because it will be exposed to radiation. If there is a very urgent situation, we can ensure that only the relevant area is displayed with small x-rays taken at very low doses, which we call rvg, instead of panoramic x-rays by wearing a lead apron. The safest period in pregnancy for radiography and dental treatments is between 3-6 months, known as the 2nd trimester. If X-ray is mandatory, it is less harmful to take during this period.

Can information about all teeth be seen with panoramic x-rays?

All teeth can be seen on panoramic x-rays. It shows less detail than the regional x-rays, but since we can see all the structures, it generally gives enough information about the general situation.

What should be considered when taking panoramic x-rays?

First of all, each patient should wear a lead apron.

If the patient has removable prostheses, metal accessories such as necklaces and earrings should be removed.

Appropriate shooting position should be shown to the patient and it should be ensured that he stays in this position until the end of the shooting.

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