Implant Treatment in 11 Questions

Implant Treatment in 11 Questions

What is an implant?

An implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium, which is placed in the jawbones to restore the function and aesthetics of lost teeth.

Is implant treatment safe and long-lasting?

Implant treatment is a long-lasting treatment with a very high success rate, which has been performed all over the world and in our country for years. There is no such thing as the expiration date of the implants. When an ideal oral care is provided, you can safely use your implants for many years.

What are the advantages of implant application?

The biggest advantage of implant application is to provide aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of edentulous areas without damaging the patient’s natural teeth. In addition, it is possible to stabilize removable prostheses and improve the patient’s phonation with implant treatment.

What are the stages of implant treatment?

Implant application under normal conditions

1st session of surgery, that is, placement of the implant

The second session consists of 2 stages, in the form of superstructure of the implant. If additional surgical procedures are required, 1 more session may be required.

Do implant teeth look natural?

With today’s technology, the upper structures of the implants, namely the prosthetic parts, can be applied in a very aesthetic and natural way by using both porcelain and zirconium materials.

Who can the implant be applied to?

Implant treatment can be applied to every individual, except for patients who have completed chin growth and development, advanced diabetes, osteoporosis or radiotherapy chemotherapy.

Is implant an expensive procedure?

Although the implant seems expensive when compared to conventional crown-bridge treatments at the first stage, when long-term planning is made, there is not much difference in price between standard prosthesis applications and implants.

What is an over-implant prosthesis, what are its types?

In general, dentures are artificial devices that imitate all the functional and aesthetic features of natural teeth, which are applied to replace lost teeth in the mouth. Implant-supported prostheses are generally fixed or removable prostheses. Implant-supported fixed dentures are prostheses that function and feel like the patient’s own teeth. Implant-supported removable dentures are dentures made to keep the denture more stable in the mouth.

Are there risks to implant treatment?

As with any surgical procedure, implant application has minor risks. However, with a detailed clinical / radiological evaluation and meticulous surgical application, these risks are minimized and implant treatment is performed safely.

Are there any disadvantages of implant application?

The major disadvantages of implant treatment are that it is slightly more expensive than conventional prostheses and the treatment period is longer.

Does age matter for implant treatment?

Implant treatment can be applied to individuals who have completed the bone growth and development of the jaws, that is, who have reached the average age of 18-22. There is no upper limit for age. Implants can be applied to adult patients of all ages who are in good general health.


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