Tooth Extraction and What to Do After Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction and What to Do After Tooth Extraction

Teeth are extracted for various reasons, but mostly at the insistence of the patient. Tooth extraction is the last thing to think about in today’s dentistry; but there is a tendency among the people to have even a small pain immediately pulled. It is believed that teeth that have abscessed, decayed large teeth or severely painful teeth should be removed immediately. It is very difficult to convince the patient that his teeth can be saved by root canal treatment or filling. Sometimes, as a result of the insistence of the unconvinced patient, a tooth that can remain in the mouth for years can be extracted. Deciding on tooth extraction is very difficult for a real dentist. We do not recommend you to hand over your teeth easily either. In the end, if you have to have it taken, there are some points you should pay attention to:


  1. After the extraction, firmly bite the cotton or gauze pad placed on the extraction site by the physician for 20-25 minutes. This buffer stops the bleeding in the extraction cavity and ensures the formation of a blood clot that will make a healthy recovery. If you change the tampon frequently, you will prevent the formation of clots. The clot will close the extraction space like a natural buffer and will make the necessary preparation for the space to be filled with bone structure in the future. If the clot is prevented from forming or the clot is broken by not paying attention to the points that need attention, wound healing is impaired and a painful process begins.


  1. If there is pain after the extraction, you should take a pain reliever other than aspirin. Aspirin can initiate bleeding and prevent clotting due to its blood-thinning feature. As the numbness begins to pass, there may be severe pain. In this case, painkillers should be taken immediately. There may be pain in the days following the extraction at the needle sites used for anesthesia. These pains usually pass within two days.


  1. Light bleeding in the form of leakage is normal up to 24 hours after extraction. Don’t panic. If heavy bleeding occurs after extraction, bite a clean, sterile cotton pad for half an hour. If the bleeding does not stop and continues with the same intensity, consult your doctor. If you cannot reach the doctor, try to control the bleeding by biting the tampon for a longer time. Do not cause the extraction site to bleed more by changing the tampon frequently and rinsing your mouth. If you can’t stop bleeding despite all this, which is very heavy bleeding, the bleeding in the form of leakage is stopped with a tampon – buy a transamin capsule or ampoule from a pharmacy. Absorb some powder or the liquid in the ampoule into the tampon, place it on the extraction site and bite down firmly. This recommendation is valid if the doctor cannot be reached and the bleeding is very heavy. Under normal conditions, try to reach your doctor and act according to his recommendations.


  1. Do not smoke or use alcohol for 24 hours after shooting. These prevent the clot from breaking off or forming in a healthy way. If you can’t stand cigarettes, you should take a few breaths and drink enough to suppress your cravings, in the position of biting your teeth, without pulling or sucking too deeply. Do not take very hot or cold foods. Because this can cause the clot to break off and start bleeding again. After shooting, warm and soft things should be eaten and drunk.


  1. If the shooting took place in difficult conditions, in a long time, that is, if it was a co-operative shooting, it is useful to apply cold outside every 5-10 minutes every hour for 8 hours. In this way, you can control swelling and bruising.


  1. Sometimes the stem may break during the shoot. In this case, the physician decides to leave or remove the root according to the length of the root, the location of the extraction and some conditions. In this case, patients should leave the decision to the physician. It may be necessary to leave the root after the necessary treatment and remove it after 2-3 months or to leave the root completely there under some conditions. Whatever the case, you may encounter more dangerous results if you force the physician to remove the roots at the expense of battering you by acting with the logic of removing the root. If you have trusted a physician and gone, let your physician make the decisions in the face of complications.


  1. After extraction, do not tamper with the extraction site with your tongue or any instrument, and do not impair wound healing. Since the tooth is inside the bone, patients try to remove and detect the bone that emerges after extraction, assuming it is root. If the root remains, your doctor will already warn you. See your tooth after extraction to be sure; but please do not take this germ ball and bring it to your home. Although patients see unbroken roots, they try to root and explore the bone with their tongues at home, disrupting wound healing. Be more conscious about this.


  1. Pain that will occur on the day of the shooting and pain that can be relieved with painkillers on the following days, depending on the situation of the shooting, are normal; However, the severe pain that starts in the days following the extraction, wakes us up at night, does not stop despite painkillers, and occurs as if the tooth has not been pulled out. It tells that there is an abnormal event at the shooting place, such as In this case, a doctor should be consulted and necessary dressing and treatment should be given.

should be made available. You will immediately feel relief when your doctor makes the necessary dressing in the mouth and gives antibiotics, painkillers and the necessary mouthwash for oral hygiene. Pain may not cease immediately; but they are lighter. If the doctor only gives medicine and sends it, it may take 2-3 days for your pain to ease. You can put a sweet pressure on the doctor for dressing. Sometimes dressing is not needed; but when you look at your teeth with a mirror, you can see the inflammatory fluid and pus and if you feel this big gap with your tongue, you need dressing and this will relax you a lot. Sometimes it is relieved with a 5 minute dressing and thus you can avoid spending 2-3 days in pain. If you have severe pain after the extraction, tell your doctor; “In this case, can my pain be relieved more quickly if dressing is done? You know the condition of my mouth better, but I am very uncomfortable,” you can warn him without offending. If dressing is necessary, he will do it.


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