Types of Implants

Types of Implants

There are a number of implant types applied for dental implant treatments. These dental implant types can be applied in different types according to the patient’s condition or specific requests. Dental implant types to be applied to the patient during dental implant treatments should be carefully selected by the patient and a specialist dentist after examining the necessary information. Afterwards, these dental implant types, which are carefully selected by the patient and the dentist, should be carefully applied to the patient using the predetermined and planned treatment method.

Implant types and prices may vary depending on the patient’s health status, the desired operation, the level of applicability of this operation and similar factors. In addition, another important factor affecting the implant types and prices will be the dentist who will perform the operation.

Dental implant treatments, which have been applied by specialist dentists for a long time, are extremely comfortable and painless procedures compared to the past. Dental implant operations are extremely effective and efficient operations applied to people who have cracked or broken teeth or who have lost their teeth due to caries.

Dental implant operations, also known as implantation or crown teeth, can be applied in different types and methods. Today, there are many known types of dental implant treatments, which are a highly advanced treatment method.

The first of these dental implant types are implant operations called Subperiosteal implants and performed by measuring over the dental bone. Subperiosteal implant models, which consist of thin metal alloys, resemble a rib cage with their structure and appearance. In fact, the working principles of these implant types aim to distribute the weight evenly over a larger area, similar to the rib cage.

Another treatment method among the implant types is endostal implants. Endostal implants are generally applied to patients who have lost one or more teeth, that is, who are experiencing tooth loss. These implant types are applied inside the jawbone and are known as highly effective implant types.

Another treatment method that is among the most frequently applied implant types is endodontic implants, also known as endodontic stabilizers. These types of implants are mostly used in coating processes and are applied to use weak teeth.

Intramucosal implants, which are among the implant types that are not used much today, are titanium coated implants and are generally applied to increase the retinal on the prosthesis.

The choice to be made among these implant types may vary according to the health problems of the patient or the procedures that he wants to correct or treat in his teeth. The types of implants that are planned to be applied to the patient are determined by the patient and the doctor by making certain interviews beforehand. These implant types, which are determined later, are carefully applied to the patient by a specialist dentist.