About Us


To be the closest and most innovative oral and dental health brand in the world.


To add value to people, society and the environment with high service quality; To give confidence to each patient by treating each of our patients as our own relatives in an ethical, sincere and empathetic manner, to reach more people with a balanced physical growth, to follow technological and scientific developments and to apply them in a pioneering way, to make people happy by designing aesthetic smiles with smile architects.


We Value: We are aware of the value of people, life and the world.

We Show Care: We take care of our patients like our relatives and guests we host at home.

We Give Confidence: Everyone who comes into contact with us (our patients, suppliers, environment, etc.) is sure that we try to do our best and the right thing, and that we adhere to ethical rules. We just do what we say and only say what we will do.

We are sincere and close: We show a balanced sincerity and closeness to everyone.

We Feel Responsibility: We feel responsibility towards people, society, the environment, that is, the whole universe.

We are innovative: We are always curious and willing to innovate and develop.

We Care About Quality: The best materials, the latest technology and high hygiene are our sine qua non.

We Collaborate: We consider the interests of our patients and suppliers by collaborating with them, and we think that if one of us is missing in the team, we will all be missing out.

We Want to Give Happiness: We think that real happiness is the happiness of others and we strive for it.

Established in 2006, Hospitadent continues to serve with the slogan “From the first day, all our business is teeth”. Hospitadent raises the standards in oral and dental health with its 14 branches established in Turkey and abroad, modern medical devices, distinguished physician staff and expert staff.

High Service Quality in Every Branch

After the first center opened in Bağcılar, Hospitadent opened branches in Fatih in 2008, Çamlıca in 2009, Pendik and Mecidiyeköy in 2011, and opened its first foreign branch in Frankfurt, Germany in 2012. Then, with a new center opened in Bakırköy, the hospital group increased the number of branches, in Kayseri in 2014, in Den Haag in the Netherlands in 2015, in Şerifali in 2018, in Alanya and Bodrum in 2021 and at the beginning of 2022. On the other hand, it continues to grow with firm steps by opening two branches in Ankara.

In addition to the rapidly increasing number of branches, Hospitadent Academy was established in 2008 for the professional development of specialist physicians and technical personnel and for the continuous training of technological innovations.

Hospitadent is a leading name that sets standards in the health sector with its innovative projects. The hospital, which started the loyalty program called Dent Guard in 2016, created a guaranteed dental treatment system with personalized cards and advantages. Digital smile design was started in the Dental Design department, which was established in 2017. Offering superior technological infrastructure in each of its branches, Hospitadent serves its patients with an individual and long-lasting dental treatment approach.

Address of Firsts Hospitadent

Hospitadent, which started dental health tourism for the first time in Turkey in 2007, has become the address sought after by patients all over the world for dental treatment. Breaking new ground in the health sector and establishing the Patient Experience Department for the first time in Turkey, Hospitadent attaches great importance to patient experience and satisfaction. With this understanding, the hospital, which created a special concept called Dental Spa in 2016, aims to put an end to the fear of the dentist with the VIP concept, which provides a resting environment and psychological support to the patients.

Success Story Crowned with Awards

Hospitadent’s world-class vision, expert staff, innovative and customer satisfaction-oriented works have been certified with awards. Hospitadent, proving that it is the choice of the public by serving more than 1 million patients until 2010, was awarded the TEMOS International Quality Certificate in 2013.

In 2015, Ekovitrin Magazine was deemed worthy of the Health Organization of the Year award as a result of the 14th Stars of the Year Survey.

Hospitadent became the first hospital in Turkey to win the Stevie Awards by receiving the Most Innovative Customer Service Award of the Year at the Stevie Awards, where the world’s most successful companies are awarded in 2018.

Hospitadent, which ranked first in the category of Dental Treatment Services in Turkey’s 500 Service Exporters survey of the Turkish Exporters Assembly in 2018, once again proved its success and competence in the health sector.

Hospitadent, which has been in force for 16 years, is entitled to enter the “Turquality Brand Support Program”, which was created for the purpose of branding Turkish products abroad, placing and supporting the image of Turkish goods, and continues to create a positive image by taking an important step towards branding. Being the first dental health group to participate in the Turquality brand support program, which includes only five hospitals in the field of health, not only creates a quality image, but also reveals high standards.

2021 of the year

Hospitadent, which was entitled to be named as a “Great Place To Work® Certified” company as a result of the evaluation and analysis made by GPTW Turkey in the last period of 2014, is also proud of being the first dental group to have the best corporate culture certificate.

Hospitadent, which constantly follows the developing medical technologies and carries the diagnosis and treatment methods forward with the most up-to-date technologies, continues to provide safe and high quality health services with its expert staff.