5 Soruda Diş Pırlantası Hakkında Her Şey

5 Soruda Diş Pırlantası Hakkında Her Şey

What is a dental diamond?

Dental diamonds are precious stones that are attached to the tooth surface (enamel layer) of the anterior incisors, lateral incisors or canines (dog teeth) depending on the patient’s request.

How is the dental diamond applied to the tooth?

Before the dental diamond is attached to the tooth, the tooth surface must be prepared for the procedure. For this, the tooth surface must first be cleared of tartar or stains. In the next step, the tooth to which the dental diamond will be attached should be isolated from the surrounding tissues with the help of a cotton ball so that saliva does not touch it.

What are the stages of placing a dental diamond?

A very small amount of abrasion is done on the part of the dental diamond that will come to the tooth surface. Then, a special adhesive, which we call composite bonding, is applied to the abraded area and the dental diamond is placed in this area. Even if the tooth diamond is very little, it can be used for many years because the abrasion method is applied. The risk of falling of the dental diamond is very low, and it can be applied by the dentist again if it falls in an unexpected situation. When it is desired to remove the dental diamond, thanks to the polish application to be made to the tooth after the removal process, the appearance before the dental diamond is placed is gained.

What kind of stones are used in dental diamonds?

There are also stones for the same purpose that will be adhered to the tooth instead of a dental diamond. These stones are cheaper than dental diamonds. Since it is only made by gluing without using the etching method, their lifespan may be shorter depending on the force applied while eating. When it is wanted to be removed, it can be easily removed without the need for polishing.

Is a dental diamond harmful to the tooth?

There is no harm to the tooth in the other stones of the diamond that will be attached to the tooth. They do not need any special care. Daily oral and dental care practice is sufficient. It is recommended that people who want to have dental diamonds or other stones in their teeth go to the dentist for this process to be more aesthetic, healthier and longer lasting.

Mecidiyekoy Hospitadent Chief Physician Dt. Yigit Emrah KURT