Braces Rubbers in 3 Questions

Braces Rubbers in 3 Questions

What is a Braces Rubber?

Braces elastics are elements of different diameters and thicknesses that help the teeth move in the direction we want during braces (orthodontic) treatment. They are generally used in the final stages of braces (orthodontic) treatment to improve the relations between teeth.

What are the Types of Tire?

There are different types of tread tires according to their size and usage. They can be used in different diameters and thicknesses according to the distance to be applied and the movement desired to be made on the teeth. They can be applied to different teeth in the same jaw, or they can be used between jaws.

How To Use Braces Rubber?

For the ideal completion of braces (orthodontic) treatment, it is very important to wear dental elastics in the manner and time determined by the orthodontist. The type of tire used and the teeth applied vary according to the person. In order for treads to be useful, they must be used continuously apart from meals. If enough time is not used, the desired tooth movement will not occur. This causes the prolongation of the braces (orthodontic) treatment period. As the tires loosen due to their structure, they should be changed every 24 hours.

Although the rubber band may cause sensitivity in the teeth when it is first used, this situation is completely temporary. Sensitivity is caused by the teeth starting to move.


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