Dental Care in Autumn

Dental Care in Autumn

Protecting oral and dental health is important both in terms of general physical health and aesthetics. Did you know that healthy teeth and gums, which need to be regularly checked every six months, also have a positive effect on self-confidence? Adding dental cleaning to the top of your personal care list, which is needed at the end of summer and in the transition to autumn, will be the beginning of a perfect winter preparation process.

In summer, we consume a number of sugary, cold and high acid foods and beverages such as ice cream and soft drinks to cool off. While these foods cause erosion on the outer enamel, they also pose a serious danger to oral health. Foods such as sugar, cola and coffee cause color changes on the teeth. For a confident smile, you may consider having a teeth whitening application. If we define autumn as the season of getting rid of aesthetic concerns, it is exactly the application that will bring you white teeth.

Teeth Whitening Application

Color change in teeth develops due to various factors. Aging, trauma, selected foods, genetic factors and even drug use cause the natural white color of the teeth to deteriorate over time. This is an aesthetic problem and can be fixed. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic solution for people who are not satisfied with their tooth color. There are two types of teeth whitening applications.

1- Teeth Whitening in the Clinic: It is the practice performed by the dentist in his own clinic. This process is completed in about an hour and the patient continues his life without any problems. This application uses a white gel and beam. With this procedure, the person quickly gets whiter teeth. The whiteness ratio of the tooth is determined by the current color quality of the tooth. The process lightens the tooth color by 6 to 8 shades. If you do not already have very yellow, stained teeth, the result will be an eye-catching whiteness.

2- Tooth Whitening at Home: As the name suggests, the application is done at home. Personalized plastic mouthpieces are prepared by taking the mouth measurement of the person applying to the clinic. “Carbamide Peroxide” based gels are put into the mouthpiece and the person will have the desired white teeth by using this mouthpiece. The duration of the application is not as short as the practice in the clinic. In this method, the mouthpiece is worn for 4-8 hours a day and gives results in an average of 5-7 days.

When it comes to oral and dental health, one of the most important points to be considered is regular dental calculus cleaning. Don’t forget to have a routine oral and dental health check every 6 months and make brushing your teeth a part of your life every day!


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