How to Maintain Oral Health During Pregnancy?

How to Maintain Oral Health During Pregnancy?

How Does Pregnancy Affect Oral Health?

There are changes in oral health during pregnancy, but it is not true that there will be calcium loss from the mother’s teeth during pregnancy and that the mother will lose teeth in every pregnancy. The most important change in this period is the increase in hormone (estrogen and progesterone) levels.

In parallel with this, the accumulation of plaque on the teeth increases. If plaque is not removed effectively, gingivitis (swelling, bleeding, redness of the gums) occurs. This condition, called ‘pregnancy gingivitis’, affects the majority of pregnant women with different severity, especially in the 2nd and 3rd month. The severity of gingivitis that existed before pregnancy may increase with pregnancy and may progress to periodontitis. Gingivitis can be prevented with effective care and cleaning of the teeth, a balanced diet and regular dentist visits.

When to Go to the Dentist

If pregnancy is planned, you should go to the dentist for control. If all teeth that are thought to cause problems during pregnancy need treatment, tartar cleaning should be done before pregnancy.

Are There Any Procedures That Shouldn’t Be Done During Pregnancy?

All procedures can be done during pregnancy. The best time for any dental treatment is between the 4th and 6th months. Non-urgent procedures are postponed until after pregnancy. However, in emergency cases accompanied by pain, treatment can be done at any period of pregnancy.

Do Teeth Decay Quickly During Pregnancy?

The change in the balance in the body during pregnancy creates a suitable environment for teeth to decay more quickly. Nausea and vomiting in the first months both create an acidic environment in the mouth and cause insufficient attention to oral care. Changing eating habits and avoiding brushing due to rapid bleeding of the gums can make teeth more prone to decay. Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day and cleaned with dental floss. If brushing your teeth in the morning is uncomfortable, mouthwashes or mouthwashes can be used.

“I Used Antibiotics While Pregnant” Will My Baby’s Teeth Affect?

Tooth development of the baby begins in the womb. The drugs used can adversely affect the dental health of the baby. Unconscious drug use should be avoided. ‘Tetracycline’ group antibiotics cause discoloration of the baby’s teeth, and should not be used during pregnancy. It has not been proven that other antibiotics cause discoloration of teeth.


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