Infectious Diseases in Dental Treatments

Infectious Diseases in Dental Treatments

Is there a risk of contagious diseases in work treatments?

Infectious diseases can be transmitted from patient to dentist and assistant, from patient to patient and from patient to next patient during dental procedures. It is more likely to be transmitted from patient to healthcare worker. For this reason, necessary and sufficient precautions are taken in this regard under the control of the dentist.

What are the infectious diseases encountered in dental treatments?

In particular, diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, AIDS, and tuberculosis that can be transmitted through blood, saliva and respiration are among the diseases that can be transmitted during dental procedures.

What should be done to prevent the risk of infectious diseases?

It is a general medical rule that there should be complete trust and accuracy between the dentist and his patient. In order to prevent the risk of contagious diseases, it is important for the patient to inform the physician about the disease and to regulate the working system of the physician. The dentist, who thinks that our patients who do not know about their disease may also be present, still does not leave his job to chance. All necessary universal sterilization and disinfection measures are implemented as standard. The instruments used in the treatment are sterilized with great care. In addition, many materials, especially the needles used, the plastic cups that the patients rinse their mouths with, the tips of instruments that suck blood and saliva in the mouth during the treatment, are used in a single patient and then discarded. The use of gloves, masks and safety glasses is also effective. Patient seats are cleaned with disinfectants after each patient. Our hospital pays attention to these issues.

What precautions should patients take in this regard?

The most important duty of our patients is to tell dentists detailed information about all health problems, and to give enough time and opportunity for healthcare professionals to perform the necessary disinfection (cleaning) procedures.


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