Is Teeth Whitening Harmful?

Is Teeth Whitening Harmful?

Teeth whitening treatments are the name given to the types of treatment applied to people who experience yellowing, staining or color loss in their teeth. Yellowing, staining or loss of color in the teeth is a condition that almost everyone can experience. Even people who brush their teeth regularly can observe yellowing and loss of color in their teeth over time. On the other hand, excessive consumption of substances such as cigarettes, tea or sugar can cause yellowing, discoloration and staining of the teeth.

While such conditions in the teeth can be triggered by external reasons, some people’s dental structures may be more prone to such situations. Regardless of the reason, teeth whitening methods can vary from person to person, but they are methods that can be applied to everyone.

Teeth whitening treatments are generally divided into two types. The first of these types is the teeth whitening methods called office type teeth whitening. In office type teeth whitening methods, the patient who will see the teeth whitening application is brought to a clinical environment such as a hospital or a dentist’s office. The patient’s procedures take place in this clinical setting. In this method, which is known as office-type teeth whitening and performed in clinical settings, larger scale, even surgical operations can be performed. Some of the teeth whitening methods can cover such larger procedures. Teeth whitening with dentures, porcelain teeth or laser teeth whitening are examples of these procedures.

On the other hand, in home-type teeth whitening methods, which is the second method, teeth cleaning and teeth whitening processes are performed in the patient’s home environment. Home teeth whitening methods cover smaller-scale procedures that are easier to apply than office teeth whitening methods. These procedures can be applied to the patient at home by a dentist or under the guidance of a dentist, as well as methods that can be applied by the patient himself. In fact, some of the home-type teeth whitening methods are extremely accessible as methods that patients can easily apply with simple materials such as baking soda or coconut oil at home. The best example that can be given for home-type teeth whitening methods is tooth whitening methods with baking soda.

It is a tooth whitening application that has been applied by many people for a long time and can vary from person to person, but can give extremely good results. Applying the method is extremely easy and simple. First, some baking soda is taken and placed in a small bowl. Then add two or three drops of coconut oil on it. The resulting mixture is applied to the patient’s teeth with a toothbrush. This process is the same as a normal tooth brushing process. So the application is extremely easy. At the end of the process, the person who applies the method should rinse his mouth thoroughly with water, similar to normal tooth brushing.