Teeth Whitening at Home

Teeth Whitening at Home

Teeth whitening, which has been applied for a long time to people who experience yellowing, staining or color loss in their teeth, is a procedure that can be done at home. Teeth whitening is the name given to the treatment methods that can be applied against conditions such as stains, discoloration or yellowing on the teeth, which almost everyone has experienced both in the past and today, and can be extremely effective.

External factors such as consuming cigarettes, drinking too much tea, eating sugary foods can lead to conditions such as yellowing of teeth or loss of color in people. Especially long-term smoking almost always leads to tooth stains or yellowing. Even someone who pays great attention to oral and dental health and dental hygiene may experience yellowing or staining of their teeth over time. The frequent occurrence of such situations has led to the emergence and development of teeth whitening methods over time. Especially today, with the advancement of modern technology and the effects it brings to the medical sector, teeth whitening processes can give very effective results in a very short time.

Teeth whitening is a treatment method that can be done at home and in the office. In fact, this treatment method is divided into two as home type teeth whitening and office type teeth whitening. The first of these, home-type teeth whitening methods, as can be easily understood from their names, are teeth whitening procedures done at home. On the other hand, office type teeth whitening procedures refer to teeth whitening processes that take place in medical environments such as hospitals, clinics or the private office of the dentist. Both are applications made through operations or various processes.

On the other hand, teeth whitening methods called natural teeth whitening methods are performed at home or in similar environments. Questions such as whether teeth whitening can be done at home in one day are among the most frequently asked questions by people who do not prefer or cannot afford teeth whitening procedures in a clinical setting. However, one day teeth whitening is not a procedure that can be done at home. However, it has been observed that extremely effective and efficient results can be obtained with natural teeth whitening methods applied at home.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular at-home methods. The tooth whitening method with baking soda is known as a very simple method in terms of both application and budget. To apply this method, a little baking soda and a little coconut oil will be enough. Teeth whitening is a process that can be done with such simple materials at home. Two or three drops of coconut oil are dropped into the pre-prepared baking soda and this mixture is rubbed on the toothbrush, similar to toothpaste. Afterwards, the teeth are brushed and rinsed thoroughly. If teeth whitening is applied regularly twice a week with the baking soda method at home, people will observe that their teeth have whitened significantly.