The biggest enemy of our teeth; Junk Foods

The biggest enemy of our teeth; Junk Foods

We all know that certain foods and drinks rot our teeth. Foods containing sugar and starch such as candy, chocolate, cola, fruit juice, chips are foods that stick to our teeth and are very difficult to clean. When these foods that stick to our teeth are not cleaned properly, they cause cavities on our teeth. For this reason, we should definitely brush our teeth even after a small amount of junk food we eat during the day.

Our diet is as important as brushing our teeth to prevent tooth decay. Inadequate and unbalanced nutrition affects every part of our body, as well as our teeth.

For strong teeth against cavities,

  • Milk and milk products
  • Plenty of vegetables and fruits
  • Rich in protein such as meat and eggs,
  • You should consume grain group foods.

Advice to parents

  • Make sure your child has the habit of brushing teeth.
  • For your child’s dental health, consult a pedodontist (pediatric dentist).
  • Provide a balanced diet. Ensure that she is fed with nutritious foods at every meal.
  • Ensure that children consume sugar and starch-containing foods only at main meals.
  • Reduce junk food consumption.

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Chief Physician Dt. Tarcan TOPCUOGLU