Things to Know About 20 Years Teeth

Things to Know About 20 Years Teeth

When do wisdom teeth come out?

20-year-old teeth, as the name suggests, begin to erupt around the age of 18-20. If there is no obstacle in driving, it reaches its full function approximately 1 year after starting to drive.

What is the importance of wisdom teeth in oral functions?

In ancient times, when people were fed with harder, half-cooked foods, the jawbone attached to these muscles was wider because the chewing muscles produced more power. In these individuals, 20-year-old teeth in the jawbone functioned as chewing and grinding just like other molars. However, as a result of the evolutionary shrinkage of the jawbone due to the decrease in the function of the chewing muscles, as a result of the fact that people began to eat cooked and soft foods over time, today’s wisdom teeth cannot find a place in the jaw and cannot participate in the function.

How should impacted wisdom teeth be treated?

If extraction syndication is placed on the impacted wisdom tooth, the intervention is usually performed under local anesthesia with a minor surgical procedure that will take 30-60 minutes.

In which cases should wisdom teeth be extracted?

Not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted. Considering the latest publications of the World Health Organization; If it does not cause an infection that requires at least 2 antibiotics in 6 months, does not cause caries in the neighboring teeth, does not cause cyst or bone damage around itself, if the patient’s oral hygiene is at a good level and the tooth does not decay, there is no need to extract the 20-year-old teeth. Again, recent studies show that there is no evidence that wisdom teeth cause crowding in the teeth. If the patient has received braces treatment and at the end of the treatment, if the orthodontist thinks that the 20-year-old teeth will disrupt the treatment, extraction may be considered.

Is extraction of wisdom teeth a difficult procedure? Is it different from normal tooth extraction?

First of all, after providing adequate anesthesia and performed by a specialist, 20-year-old tooth extractions are not difficult interventions. Depending on the position, the duration of the shooting process may vary. While an impacted tooth can be extracted with a minor surgical intervention of 30-60 minutes, a 20-year-old tooth extraction process may take 10 minutes.

Can any dentist pull 20-year-old teeth? Who should be contacted?

In the dentistry legislation, there is no rule that the 20-year-old teeth must be extracted by maxillofacial surgery. However, since maxillofacial surgeons have more experience due to the training they receive and the operations they perform, they make less effort in the 20-year-old shoot, and the patients are happier after the operation. However, all teeth with sufficient knowledge, equipment and experience can perform 20-year-old tooth extractions.

What to do when wisdom teeth cause pain?

All teeth in the mouth cause pain when they come out for the first time. This is an extremely natural situation. Therefore, the pain that will occur when the wisdom teeth come out should not scare the person. This pain can be relieved with painkillers and antiseptic mouthwashes that will be written to you by your dentist. In the presence of infection, your doctor may also prescribe antibiotics for you. However, in case of recurrent pain, infection and complaints, your dentist may recommend you to extract the tooth.

What should be considered after 20 years tooth extraction?

The most important thing after 20 years of age shooting is to follow your doctor’s recommendations. After the impacted tooth extraction, it is normal to have swelling in the area and a little bruising on the cheek. It is essential to regularly use the drugs prescribed to you. It is necessary to avoid consuming hard, hot food for the first 48 hours. Your doctor may recommend cold compresses to reduce the edema that may occur in the area. It is important to avoid showering with hot water, smoking, keeping the area warm. It is normal to have a slight taste of blood in your mouth for the first 1-2 days after an impacted tooth extraction, and to have a pink spit in your saliva when you get up in the morning. Apart from this, it is very important to avoid continuous spitting to prevent bleeding. If stitches have been taken, the stitches are usually removed within 7-10 days. Usually, all swelling and other symptoms will pass when the stitches are removed.

How long does a 20-year-old tooth extraction take?


Depending on the location of the tooth, the presence of anatomical conditions such as nerves, teeth, bones around it, and the experience of the physician, an impacted wisdom tooth extraction may take between 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

Is 20-year-old tooth extraction an expensive procedure?

Pricing varies according to the location of the 20-year-old tooth, the duration and size of the operation to be performed. While simple extractions are taken at the price of tooth extraction fee, the fee may be higher for difficult operations that will take a long time. However, in terms of the general benefit and the damage it may cause to the surrounding tissues, the extraction of a 20-year-old tooth that needs to be extracted cannot be considered expensive.


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