Things to Know About Thumb and Pacifier Sucking in Children

Things to Know About Thumb and Pacifier Sucking in Children

Does thumb sucking damage teeth and their structure?

Finger sucking has extremely negative effects on both teeth and jaw structure. If timely measures are not taken, disorders that are difficult to correct may develop and an operation may be in question in the future.

After what age does sucking fingers and pacifiers damage the tooth structure?

Although sucking both fingers and pacifiers causes forward thrust in the teeth at the end of 2 years of age, the most critical age is 4 years.

Does sucking on a pacifier disrupt the teeth and jaw structure of children?

Sucking a pacifier starts to affect the tooth and jaw structure as the duration of the pacifier gets longer, it should be left on time and orthodontic pacifiers should be preferred after use.

Do the teeth of children who suck fingers and pacifiers rot earlier?

Finger or pacifier sucking has no effect on tooth decay, but if the pacifier is not given to the child, foodstuffs such as honey, molasses, Turkish delight and sweeteners cause very serious caries.

What should be done for the disorders in the teeth of children who suck fingers and pacifiers?

In children with these dental habits, around 4-4.5 years of age, appliances that prevent these habits (habit brackets) are applied and corrective orthodontic treatments are applied in the future.

Do children who suck fingers and pacifiers need orthodontic treatment in the future?

If the habits are prevented in the early period and the disorders do not become permanent, orthodontic treatment may not be needed, but permanent problems such as teeth pushing forward or closing problems of the anterior teeth require orthodontic treatment in the future.

Do you have any suggestions to discourage children who suck fingers and pacifiers from these habits?

First of all, persuasion methods should be applied without being too coercive, preventive practices should be in a way that does not damage the child’s psychology, if necessary, a joint evaluation can be made with a child psychologist.


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